Ovy green dechlorination unit

Ovy green dechlorination unit
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Ovy green dechlorination unit for pool water
To recuperate pool water to water your garden,
Eliminates chlorine from pool water,
Compatible with all pools,
Fast and easy installation
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Ovy green dechlorination unit for pool water
Ref. Abatik 012031 Ref. Provider 956 201 OO1
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365 €
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Ovy Trèfle dechlorination tablets
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Ecology and nature preservation is an essential topic in today's society. Reducing water consumption is important and every gesture counts. This is the optic in which the Ovy green dechlorination unit has been conceived and designed. Easy to install, you can recuperate and recycle water used during the backwash cycle of your swimming pool filter.
Ecology and economy walk hand in hand - water recuperation reduces your water rates!

Towards a low consumption pool

In ground or above ground, your pool consumes water. Every 15 days you need to effectuate a backwash cycle on your filtration system to eliminate impurities retained from the pool water. This huge quantity of water is evacuated to the public drain system. This water could be used in your garden, but it is contaminated with chlorine.
Ovy green dechlorination unit

This is where OVY GREEN plays its role. Ovy Trèfle dechlorination tablets neutralise and retain chlorine. You can the use this purified water in your garden.

Warning : Dechlorinated water is not to be drunk. Non-filtered, it contains residue from the filter backwash such as gravel etc.

Easy and fast installation

Refer to the below schema. Just open valve 4 during the backwash cycle and ensure valve 5 is shut.
If you do not wish to conserve water, open valve 5 and close valve 4.

Attention : If you store water in a cistern, let the water run towards the drain for 15 seconds in order to clear.
Ovy clover treatment tablets

Installation schema

Above - operational schema of OVY GREEN :
1 : Water enters in the pre-filter
2 : Pump sends water to the filter
3 : During backwash, water is sent to drain evacuation
4 : Water passes through a 50 or 63 mm connection
5 : Valve shut,
6 : Water enters the Ovy green dechlorination unit and retains chlorine. Dechlorinated water goes to the garden or cistern via a hosepipe.

Supplied accessories

Accessories Ovy green dechlorination unit
Ovy green dechlorination unit is supplied with :

1 tube of PVC glue,
1 flexible pipe,
1 evacuation duct,
1 reducer connection,
1 tightening collar,
10 Ovy Trèfle dechlorination tablets

To fit the unit, you will need :

1 T fitting for discharge (50 or 63 mm),
2 isolating valves 1/4 turn, one for discharge, one for the dechlorination unit (diam. 50mm),
PVC 50 mm piping to connect the T and valves to the unit.

Install the Ovy green in a vertical position with enough space to open the lid of the unit - 30cm is required to fully open the cover.

Technical features

Dimensions Ovy green dechlorination unit


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