Zodiac Uranus plus 35

Echangeur de chaleur Uranus plus 35
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Zodiac Uranus plus 35 Heat exchanger
EUR 3110.00
Titanium plate exchanger
Digital regulating thermostat,
3-speed circulation,
Flow controller,
  • Single-phase
In stock
URANUS TITANIUM plate heat exchanger, specific for pools, to be connected via a by-pass at the end of the filtration circuit. Anticipate a boiler inlet. 2 ¼ turn valves, a non-return valve and heating connections are supplied. The pre-cabled unit, with regulation thermostat featuring digital display for temperature selection degree by degree. 3-speed circulator, flow controller, start/stop switch, visual signals, all of which are contained in a box mounted on the front panel of the exchanger. Electrical power supply connection by supplied socket 230V.
Anticipate a by Pass on the filtration circuit, connection Ø 50.

Maximum capacity primary circuit 90/70°
35 kW
Maximum capacity primary circuit 60°
20 kW
Maximum capacity primary circuit 45°
13 kW
Primary circuit flow
1.5 m³/h
Friction loss primary circuit (TDH)
Friction loss primary circuit (TDH)
Primary connection
26/34 mm
Secondary connection
PVC Ø 50 mm
Electrical power source
Single-phase 230V / 50Hz

Dimensions Uranus 35
Dimensions of the PSA Uranus Plus 35

Installation on boiler Zodiac URANUS heat exchanger
Installation schema of the PSA Uranus Plus 35
(installation via by-pass on the filtration circuit)


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