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Sand filter Caliente side 410 mm 7,9m3/h
Sand filter Caliente side 485 mm 10m3/h
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Sand filter Caliente side 610 mm 14m3/h
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Sand filter Caliente side 410 mm 7,9m3/h
Ref. Abatik 017234 Ref. Provider 73041
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Swimming pool online has developed a range of CALIENTE sand filters in collaboration with the leading manufacturers in the realm of swimming pools. CALIENTE filters are designed for pools up to 70m3 in volume. Featuring a highly resistant tank that is equipped a 6 way "side" valve situated laterally on the filter, allowing easy access and maintenance.
Robust, economic and performant, a composition that gives the best comparison of quality and price for the filtering of your pool.

The filters CALIENTE Side in detail

High density polyethylene blown tank permitting a high density resistance to chemical treatment.

Lateral 6 way valve with 1 1/2" threading, equipped with a mode selection handle.

Sight glass allows the control of the backwash cycle.


Manual air purge easily evacuating any airlocks in the filter.

Transparent lid facilitating visual inspection and access to the interior of the filter.

An integrated high output diffuser guarantees a homogeneous distribution of water on the surface of the sand. The internal piping is specifically dimensioned to reduce friction loss.

A high performance water recovery collector allowing a balanced water flow and backwash.

An integrated drain valve allows an easy evacuation of water without losing the filter's sand.

Polyethylene base, ensuring an excellent stability of the tank.
Large view caliente side pool filter

Turbidity alert caliente side

Spacer20Spacer20Spacer20Spacer20Sight glass
Manometre caliente side

Drain plug caliente side

Spacer20Spacer20Spacer20Spacer20Drain valve

Clamp collar caliente side

Inside view caliente side

Spacer20Spacer20Spacer20Spacer20Inside view of tank
Collector sieve suction caliente


Technical features

ModelCALIENTE Side 410CALIENTE Side 485CALIENTE Side 610
Water flow7,9m³/h10m³/h14m³/h
Maximum pressure3,5 bar3,5 bar3,5 bar
Threading1 1/2"1 1/2"1 1/2"
Area filtered0,12m²0,19m²0,26m²
Weight of sand recharge45kg75kg135kg

Dimensions in mm

Side filtersCALIENTE Side 410CALIENTE Side 485CALIENTE Side 610
Dimensions caliente side

Models filters caliente side

How does a sand filter work?

The inlet of water is automatically pushed into the tank filled with sand. The water then passes through the sand from top to bottom and the sand retains the impurities. The water is then suctioned by sieves. The sieves in turn direct the filtered water back to the pool, passing through the collector.

It is important to regularly wash the filter using a back wash cycle as the filter's sand can become obstructed with impurities, making the circulation of water difficult. The back wash cycle consists of inverting the direction of the water's circulation in the filter, bringing the impurities to the surface, and evacuating them directly into the drain.

Lateral 6 way valve

6 way valve caliente side
1. Filter : Water enters the filter and is suctioned through the level of sand from top to bottom. The sand retains the water's impurities. The filtered water returns to the pool.

2. Back wash : The direction of the water's circulation is inverted : Water arrives via the bottom of the level of sand, evacuating accumulated impurities.

3. Rinse : After a back wash cycle, impure water is sent to the drain.

4. Waste : Water is sent directly to the drain, without passing the filter. This mode allows the user to lower the water level of the pool or drain very dirty water.

5. Recirculate : Water flows through the multi-port valve without being filtered.

6. Closed valve.

The sand filters CALIENTE Side are not delivered with their sand recharge.

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