>> SeaMAID stainless steel LED lighting post

SeaMAID stainless steel LED lighting post

SeaMAID lighting post
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Seamaid stainless steel lighting post white 18 LED 3 watts
Outdoor lighting esthetic and high performance,
Adapts to pool borders, terraces, walkways and gardens,
Low consumption LED bulb,
Does not overheat,
Without danger or risk of glare,
Easy to install (hard or soft ground surface),
Installation stake supplied
Seamaid 8 button remote control for Seamaid 4 channel radio box
Ref. Abatik 017216 Ref. Provider 500781
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Seamaid stainless steel lighting post white 18 LED 3 watts
Ref. Abatik 019164 Ref. Provider 501016
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129 €
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mono channel remote control for radio box for SEAMAID
Ref. Abatik 016648 Ref. Provider 500774
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Seamaid RGB 18 LED 3 watts stainless steel lighting post
Ref. Abatik 019165 Ref. Provider 501023
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The SeaMAID lighting post is attractive by its pure esthetic coupled with its solidity. Dependable and resistant, performant and economic lighting in an optimal manner your pool border to your garden. The post in easy to install on a supplied positioning stake. This type of outdoor lighting source can be installed with a specific distribution box or can be added in complement to your pool existing lighting system. The SeaMAID lighting post uses a LED bulb. An economic solution for your outdoor lighting system.

White and coloured options available

Fast installation - the SeaMaid lighting post

The SeaMAID lighting post has been designed to adapt to your needs. Delivered with an installation stake, you can install the unit on a hard or soft ground surface, fitting perfectly into your pool or garden environment. The electrical connection offers two options : Your SeaMAID lighting post operates on 12 V. You can connect to the electrical distribution box of your pool without a problem. If you do not have an electrical distribution box available, go for the specifically designed SeaMAID radio module to command your SeaMAID lighting post.

The SeaMAID lighting post is oriented towards automation operation and on option includes its equipment to command at a distance . A radio command module enables you to pilot your lighting at a distance, meaning you can manipulate one or several lighting posts without manipulating the electrical installation. To do so, you just need to simply fit a switch onto your power supply.

The SeaMAID radio module is based on a secure radio signal system with a choice of 1 or 4 channels. The remote control has a good range so you can control your lighting system at a distance easily and efficiently
SeaMAID remote control

The SeaMAID lighting post : Optimise your outdoor lighting

The SeaMAID lighting post resolves pertinently your outdoor lighting system. Equipped with a LED bulb, ensuring a quality source of light for your pool surroundings, walkways or garden. Once lit, your SeaMAID lighting post instantly reaches its lighting potential, giving an optimal beam immediately. Using a reflector, your SeaMAID lighting post throws off an intense light in a homogeneous manner. High-performance, the lighting post has a long lifespan. A LED bulb has a superior lifespan than an incandescent bulb. You can, therefore, enjoy your outdoor lighting longer.

Featuring a streamlined look your SeaMAID lighting post integrates perfectly into your landscape design, giving a modern touch to your outdoors. Available with white or multicolor, SeaMAID lighting posts help to create a relaxing and warm atmosphere.

SeaMAID stainless steel projector in situ

Durable and resistant lighting

Your SeaMaid lighting post has been designed from stainless steel 316L, offering optimal resistance. SeaMaid is not subject to oxidation or corrosion and can withstand climatical variations without difficulty all year through. Its construction materials constitute a long lifespan.
The LED bulb of your SeaMAID lighting post constitutes high-resistance properties. Its LED bulb boasts an advantage towards shocks. You can enjoy your outdoor lighting for longer with your SeaMAID lighting post.

Likewise, if you choose the radio control module, its components are protected from climatical variations and its box is waterproof.
Lighting post in situ

An economic lighting solution using LED technology

As well as proving efficiency your SeaMAID lighting post means you can make economies. The LED bulb proves an excellent energetic performance, offering great value for money. Choosing a SeaMAID lighting post, you economise energy and money. The choice of LED lighting is also environmentally friendly. Reducing consumption, therefore, your carbon footprint. LED bulbs do not contain mercury and can be recycled.

Technical features

_White SeaMAID lighting postRGB Multicoloured SeaMAID lighting post
Number of LED1818
Lighting programmes1 static colour11 static colours, 5 sequences
Capacity luminous flux220 lumens +/- 10%90 lumens +/- 10%
Power supply12v/50 / 60 Hz12v/50 / 60 Hz
Height74 cm74 cm
Installation stakeYesYes
Distance commandeOn optionOn option
Movement dectectionNoNo


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