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Skimmers for liner or concrete pools

Skimmers made from ABS with anti-UV treatment,
Large format openings,
White, blue, beige or grey, moulded-in colour
The role of a skimmer is to suction surface water from your pool water and retain larger dirt and debris.

A skimmer should be positioned facing the dominant wind, but this can vary depending on the shape of your pool.


To ensure the correct operation of the skimmer and a clean water surface, a study should be made at the stage of pool design allowing the positioning of the skimmer openings facing the dominant wind direction. This is to allow optimal water circulation.

Pools equipped with one or two skimmers in general position on a pool width of the deep end. When 3 or more skimmers are used, they are positioned on the pool length.
In any case, the skimmers are positioned opposite the discharge nozzles.
The skimmer is situated on the waterline.
Two tubes are connected to the skimmer. One from the suction system that comes from the base of the pool, the other towards the pump.


The skimmer collects surface water from the pool and sends it to the filtration system. The clean water then returns to the pool. The skimmer ensures essential roles that all contribute to a perfectly operational pool.

Connection to suction system :

To complete this step, simply close the main drain of the pool and attach the suction cover to the skimmer basket (bayonet system), finish by connecting the suction pipe to the suction cover.
In the case of several skimmers being installed, all should be closed excepting the skimmer which is connected to the suction system.

Evacuation and overflow :

The upper section of the Skimmer features an orifice which is connected to the outlet opening to avoid an excess of pool water.

Insufficient water level:

If the water level of the pool is insufficient, the skimmer will suction from the pool floor to avoid air entering the filtration system.
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