Weltico Welfiltre

Weltico Welfiltre
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WELFILTRE C3 cartridge filter (maximum flow 12.5 m3/h)
Complete range catering for pools with a volume from 25 to 80m³,
15 microns filtering capacity,
Easy to use,
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WELFILTRE C3 cartridge filter (maximum flow 12.5 m3/h)
Ref. Abatik 016003 Ref. Provider 97406
EUR 294.30
294.30 €
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WELFILTRE C5 cartridge filter (maximum flow 16 m3/h)
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WELFILTRE C6 cartridge filter (maximum flow 20 m3/h)
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EUR 395
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WELFILTRE C7 cartridge filter (maximum flow 24 m3/h)
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EUR 450
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The quality of your pool water depends on two factors :
- The mechanical filtration of water.
- The water treatment system used.

The mechanical filtration is effectuated by the filtration pump that circulates water and retains impurities suspended in the water.

If a perfomant filter is used, less pool maintenance will be required. The filters perfomance is defined by its filration capacity which is measured in microns. This measurement indicates the capcity to retain the smallest particles of debris and dirt. Example - a filter with a capacity of 15 microns is twice as performant as a 30 micron capacity.

The maximum water flow admitted to the filter (expressed in m3/h) must be adapted to your filter pump. The maximum flow of the filter should never be lesser than the water flow of your filtration pump. In order to reduce maintenance requirements, you should choose a model that has a greater water flow than that of your filtration pump.

The Welfiltre cartridge filter has been designed to filter impurities that are suspended in residential pools. Its filtering capacity of 15 microns offers high-performance. In general, sand filters offer a capacity ranging between 30 and 50 microns.

Easy to use and maintain, this filter proves to be of excellent filtering and manufacturing quality. It requires little installation space in your technical shelter.

Maintenance requires little water, just a rinse in clear tap water is enough.

Operation of the Welfiltre cartridge filter

The Welfiltre (2) is designed to operate under depression :positioned up flow from the pump (3) on the hydraulic circuit of your pool (1).
Operational schema Welfiltre

The Welfiltre cartridge filter in detail


ABS bodywork, resistant to chemical products and featuring a Weltico cartridge using polyester weaved material.


Friction loss is the lowering of water flow due to the water's passage throughout the hydraulic circuit. Friction and change of direction are the main causes of this phenomenon.

All elements included in the hydraulic circuit are a source of friction loss : pipe work, the pump itself and the filter. Most cartridge filters have an inlet and outlet situated at the base of the tank.

In order to limit friction loss, the Welfiltre cartridge filter features an inlet on its top cover, bettering water circulation. This allows water to circulate naturally and debris and dirt are withheld in a more efficient manner.


The filters cartridge ensures an even water flow with a filtration capacity of 15 microns. Its high capacity polyester material is folded to offer maximal filtration.

Within the cartridge folds, a 0,5mm deep plastic grill avoids the folds from inter touching, ensuring better drainage.
Using an anti-clogging system, you reduce cleaning requirements to approx once every 2 to 3 weeks depending on the clarity of your pool water.
Welfilter cartridge filter


Adjustable semi mounting clamps with tightening screws simplify opening and closing of the tank, facilitating the filters maintenance. To clean, just remove the cartridge and rinse in clear water.

Cartridge cleaning does not require back wash, a small amount of water is required for maintenance and so, you can make economies.

Technical details

- ABS resevoir, resistant to chemical products.
- Filter inlet positionned on to cover, creating a circulation with a minimum of friction loss.
- Improved internal flow.
- 50mm immediate connections
- Air purge valve to optimise filtration.
- Supplied with cartridge.
- Handle on cartridge to ease removal and maintenance.
- Filtering capacity of 15 microns.

4 available models

The Weltico Welfiltre range has 4 available models, your choice depends on the desired filtered area : C3, C5, C6 and C7.

ModelVolume of poolArea to be filteredMaximum flow Weight
C320 to 35m³3m²12,5m³/h4,7kg
C535 to 50m³5m²16m³/h5,1kg
C635 to 65m³6m²20m³/h5,5kg
C735 to 80m³7m²24m³/h6kg


ModelØ filter outer Ø of resevoir Height (A)
Diameter of Weltico Welfilter cartridge filter

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