Zodiac Optipac 30 D heat pump

Zodiac optipac 30 D
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Zodiac Optipac 30 Defrosting heat pump
EUR 32758.00
4 season air/water heat pump,
Rotary SCROLL compressor,
"Intensive" defrosting function,
"Heat priority" function.
  • Maximum pool volume 400 m3
  • Three-phase
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The OPTIPAC 30 Defrosting air/water heat pump from PSA ZODIAC is perfectly adapted to the heating of private pools used in group situations such as hotels, campsites etc...

This is the ideal solution to heat pools with a maximum volume of 400 m³*.
Compact and very quiet running, this defrosting heat pump integrates easily into your surroundings.

Using its digital thermostat and water flow gauge, you easily control the operation of the heat pump and temperature of your pool.

The OPTIPAC 30 three-phase uses its water flow gauge to start and stop automatically, simultaneously with the filtration system.


• Titanium exchanger/water condenser, with lifetime anti-corrosion guarantee
• High performance "Plate fin" treatment on evaporator,
• Digital display regulator with on/off switch,
• "Heat priority" function,
• Portable control panel (consult us),
• Rotary SCROLL compressor,
• Water flow regulator,
• Manometer with water flow gauge,
• H.P and LP security pressure switch,
• 4 season operation: "intensive" defrost by cycle inversion,
• Frost protection thermostat (stops at -8°C outdoor temperature),
• Anti-corrosive bodywork,
• Phase detection,
• Worked hours display,
• Cooling liquid R407C,
• Hydraulic PVC connections Ø 90,
• Conforms to EU norms.
Full view Zodiac Optipac 30
Portable control module
Portable control module (consult us)

Power output*
Power input*
Maximum volume of water
Friction loss (mCE)
Average water flow
Power supply
400 V / 50 Hz
Decibels at 10m
Net weight
TITANIUM water condenser
lifetime anti-corrosion guarantee.
Rotary SCROLL compressor
Yes (very quiet running)
Incorporated regulating thermostat
Yes, with digital display
Manometer with water flow gauge
Conform to European norms
Cooling liquid
R 407C

* private pool, with cover, from May to September, air 15°C.
** Coefficient of performance = Power output / Power input.


Dimensions optipac 30 D

Dimensions of the OPTIPAC 30 D heat pump:
(L x w x H) = 1955 x 1050 x 1425 mm


Outdoor installation in proximity to the technical house.
Hydraulic PVC connections Ø90 to be used with a bypass on the filter circuit. Two PVC ½ threaded Ø90 connections supplied. Respect a clear space of 50 cm between the back of the pump and the wall of the technical house. Anticipate the power supply with a 30 mA circuit breaker positioned before the heat pump (not supplied). Avoid obstacles above the heat pump.
Installation schema Optipac 30D

Installation schema for the OPTIPAC 30 Defrosting heat pump

OPTION: U-CONNECT connection kit

U connect in situation
Schema installation U connect

The U-Connect connection kit allows you to link a heat pump to your pool without plumbing, labour or tools. This quick intervention does not require a supplementary power supply and avoids the need for a bypass. Just connect the two supplied pipes to your Zodiac Optipac 30 Defrosting heat pump and link them to the portable U-Connect control box. Self-priming, the U-Connect system remains independent from your filtration circuit. You can have warm water, faster, without losing heat through piping as is often the case in a traditional configuration.


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