Elecro Vulcan Titan solo
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ELECRO VULCAN TITAN solo heat exchanger, 25-kW
Tubular heat exchanger with TITANIUM tubes, power ranging from 25 to 100 kW,
Made in England
  • Maximum pool volume 400 m3
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ELECRO VULCAN TITAN solo heat exchanger, 25-kW
Ref. 011373
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565 €
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ELECRO VULCAN Titan solo heat exchanger, 40-kW,
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ELECRO VULCAN Titan solo heat exchanger , 70-kW
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ELECRO VULCAN Titan solo heat exchanger, 100-kW
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A heat exchanger allows you to use your domestic heating system (gas or oil central heating boiler, solar system or heat pump...) to heat your pool water.

The hot water produced by your central heating system (the primary circuit) will circulate through a serpentine situated inside the exchanger, conducting heat.
Your pool water (the secondary circuit) will circulate in contact with this warm serpentine, allowing your pool water to reach the desired temperature.

The performance of the heat exchanger is conditioned by the temperature of hot water produced by the primary circuit and the capacity of the heat exchanger in relation to the volume of pool water that requires heat.

Using this method, the heat exchanger is a solution to rapidly heat your pool water.

A hydraulic connection should be fitted between the heating system and the heat exchanger, only water or water with a glycol additive is compatible with heat exchangers for swimming pools.

To ensure maximum efficiency, the distance between your heating system and the heat exchanger should be as short as possible to reduce thermal loss through piping. In the case of long piping lengths, insulation is necessary on the connecting pipes between the heat exchanger and the central heating system.


Heat exchanger solo
The Elecro Titan solo heat exchanger is an economical solution to heat your pool water in liaison with your domestic heating system. Not equipped with a circulator, thermostat or flow switch.

This heat exchanger is compatible with all water treatments including salt.

Pool connection PVC Ø 50 lengthways at the filter.
Boiler connection Ø 1" BSP
Stainless steel 316 outdoor tube with polyamide supports.
Inside surface of tube TITANIUM, compatible with salt water treatments.
Working pressure 4 bars maximum
Heat exchanger solo, to be equipped.
Full disassembly possible
Wall or floor anchorage supports.

Simplified installation in the boiler room, in proximity of the boiler, situated at filter outlet.

Heating capacity

ModelMaximum volume of pool for primary circuit 90/70°C*Maximum volume of pool for primary circuit 45/35°C*
25 kW60 m330 m3
40 kW120 m350 m3
70 kW200 m380 m3
100 kW280 m3110 m3

Dimensions of heat exchanger Elecro Titane solo
Dimensions of the heat exchanger Elecro Titan solo

Schema solo
Installation schema for the heat exchanger ELECRO Titan solo


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