ESTINA polyester shell pool
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ESTINA 9,60 x 4,00 m polyester shell pool, depth 1,50 m, flat floor without filtration
Rectangular pool 9.60 X 4 m, 1,50 m in depth,
Several sealing parts supplied,
Polyester shell, fast and easy to install,
Durable pool solution, resistant to ground shifting,
4 available colours
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ESTINA 9,60 x 4,00 m polyester shell pool, depth 1,50 m, flat floor without filtration
Ref. Abatik 024252 Ref. Provider IOTA-SFILT
EUR 11990
11990 €
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ESTINA 9,60 x 4,00 m polyester shell pool , depth 1,50 m, flat pool floor with filtration system
Ref. Abatik 022058 Ref. Provider RECT9.6X4-AFILT
EUR 14066
14066 €
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Pool coping for ESTINA polyester shell pool 9,60 x 4,00 m, depth 1,50 m flat floors
Ref. Abatik 022059 Ref. Provider MARGRECT9.6X4
EUR 1147
1147 €
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Featuring dimensions offering a depth of 1.50 m, a length of 9.60 m and a width of 4 m, the ESTINA offers a pool in which swimming is comfortable and agreeable.

The ESTINA pool offers an easy solution to obtain an inground pool in your garden.
Installation is simple and easy without the requirement of complicated masonry work.
The ESTINA is reliable, boasting automated manufacturing and excellent resistance and water tightness.

Its equipment integrates:

1) 2 angled stairs positioned opposite one another on one pool width
2) 3 discharge nozzles situated in the area of the stairs
3) 1 brush adaptor
4) 2 skimmers, situated on the opposing width to the stairs
5) 1 wall drain, situated in line with skimmers
6) 1 white projector, situated under the skimmers (Colour available on option)
Schema ESTINA polyester shell pool

ESTINA polyester shell pool in situ
Stairs, ESTINA polyester shell pool

Available colours (viewed as seen in water) :

Blue polyester shell pool
White polyester shell pool
Beige polyester shell pool
Grey polyester shell pool

Zoom on polyester shell pools

Why choose this type of pool?

Because you are sure to benefit from a quality choice of materials and a unique automated manufacturing techniques, which are the guarantee of your pool's quality.

Swimming Pool Online and its manufacturer offer the following complete service to professionally position your pool:

- Delivery of pool shell by the manufacturer (crane truck)
- The qualified drivers check and validate the correct level of the concrete screed using a laser level
- Positioning in the pool cavity checked and validated using laser level
- Installation of lateral drain (supplied by Client, PVC Ø125 mm, 2 m long)

Manufacturing process

1) Gel Coat : The gel-coat is a resin-based coating that ensures the protection of the shell against osmosis and UV rays.
It also creates the pool shell colour. There is an available choice of white, blue, beige or grey.

2) Barrier Coat : The barrier coat is a protection which is composed of a vinyl ester protective coat, avoiding osmosis.

3) Glass fibre layers: Alternating several types of glass fibres mixed with isophthalic resin (to provide resistance to hydrolysis and excellent mechanical resistance).

The design of the shell is concluded with the simultaneous projection of glass fibres mixed with orthophthalic resin to offer further mechanical resistance.

The application of glass fibre in layers ensures the rigid aspect of the shell.
Composition of polyester shell

Focus: Manufacturing process

Manufacturing process Ilena polyester shell pool

Almost totally automated, the manufacture of the ESTINA is completed in several stages, following a rigorous quality control system.
The ESTINA shell is composed of several coatings, guaranteeing a long lifespan and resistance :

1) Automated application of gel-coat : The gel-coat is a resin based material the ensures the protection of the shell.
It also provides the shell colour: White, blue, beige or grey.

2) Automated application of barrier-coat : protective vinylester coating avoiding the risk of osmosis.

3) Application of glass fibre layers: providing better adhesion, this step is carried out manually. The glass fibre layers are applied in the following order - Mat, Tiss-Mat followed by orthophtalic and isophthalic resins.

4) The positioning of reinforcing templates.

5) Projection of stratifying glass strand fibres.

6) Unmolding.

Final step: Assembly of sealing parts (main drain, projector, brush adaptor) and skimmer entry are drilled into the shell structure.


10 years capitalised guarantee on manufacturing

10 years on the positioning into cavity
Capitalised 10 year guarantee

Supplied with ESTINA

Sealing parts for your pool

1) 2 skimmers
2) 1 main drain
3) 1 brush adaptor
4) 3 discharge nozzles
5) 1 white projector + connection box ( Colours available on option)
Sealing part pack

Elements on option : filtration

Filtration Kit

1) 1 HP filtration pump:
Find out more about the filtration pump
2) 1 CANTABRIC 600 sand filter (6-way valve) + 7 bags of sand :
find out more about the sand filter
3) 1 100 W electrical box, 6.5 at 10 A
Filtration pack

PVC plumbing kit

1) 1 50 m roll of flexible PVC Ø50 mm
2) 4 Ø50mm valves
3) 4 Ø50 mm T connections
4) 5 Ø50 mm 45° connections
5) 18 90° elbow connections
6) 3 Ø50 mm 1"1/2 male union connections
7) 1 collector, 3 outlets
8) 2 Ø50 mm sleeves
9) 4 m Ø50 mm PVC PN16 piping
10) Tub of blue glue
11) 1 container of solvent
12) 2 rolls of Teflon
Plumbing kit pack

Maintenance kit

Maintenance kit for polyester shell pool


The ESTINA integrates polyester coping, 27 cm.

Economic, the ESTINA is quickly installed and your pool project is rapidly finalised.
For an optimal finish, we equally can offer a supplementary pool coping kit. Made from reconstituted stone, rounded in shape, fitting perfectly the contours of your pool. A sheet layout is provided to facilitate installation.

Stone coping polyester shell pool

Delivery and positioning of pool shell

Delivery and installation of pool
The positioning of your ESTINA pool follows step by step installation:

1) Excavation: Once the 0 level has been defined (reference point for finished work under pool coping), excavate your pool cavity.

ie : for a pool 1.5 m in depth, dig 1.6 m to allow for the concrete screen to be positioned at approximately 10cm high.

2) Screed : the reason for the concrete screed is to level the ground surface before the positioning of the shell to arrive at 0 level. Composed of washed gravel with a granulometry of 6/10 or 6/14.

The required quantity will be evaluated depending on the dimensions of the pool cavity.

3) Delivery of the ESTINA pool shell by the supplier.

4) The positioning of the shell.

5) Installation of peripheral plumbing and backfill.

6) Hydraulic connections in the technical shelter.

7) Concrete belt.

8) Installation of coping and fill your pool : a security system must be put into place before filling your pool Find out more about pool security

Do you have questions concerning the feasibility of your project? Or one of the above steps? Don't hesitate to contact one of our advisors today!

Technical characteristics

9.6 m
4 m
1.50 m
approx 1100 kilos
approx 57 m³
Dimensions ESTINA polyester shell pool

Swimming Pool Online recommendations: Points to consider when implanting your pool

- Sun exposure
- Protection against dominant wind
- Integration to your outdoor area
- Coherent planning (engine access, crane truck access etc...)

Check with your local authorities if you need to ask for permission to install a pool.

OBLIGED : Equip your pool with a security system
Equip your ESTINA pool with an electrolyser
Equip your ESTINA pool with a heat pump
Equip your ESTINA pool with a counter current unit


10 years on shell
2 years on other material

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