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FIBALON® Compact : filters pool and spa water

Fibalon Compact
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FIBALON COMPACT filtering media 35 g
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Replaces your filter cartridge,
Ideal for spa water treatment,
High filtering capacity,
Compatible with the vast majority of cartridge filters,
8 microns filtering capacity,
Ultra resistant fibre,
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FIBALON® Compact in detail

Fibalon Compact
German engineering brings us FIBALON® - Innovating filtering media designed for spa and pool water.

FIBALON® Compact replaces traditional filtering cartridge and is compatible with the vast majority of cartridge filters. The balls are contained in a net which prevents them being suctioned into the piping network.

FIBALON® is easy to install. Its efficiency is immediate!

The polymer fibre is treated to its heart with silver phosphate, a powerful biocide that reacts against the colonisation and proliferation of microorganisms.

This procedure has been used for many years in the medical field to react against bacterial spread.

Its structure has a reduced, lightweight volume. The spherical shape ensures optimal adjustment to all filter modules. Even when charged with particles, the balls remain efficient.
Light in weight, FIBALON® Compact is easily transported and installed and facilitates maintenance operations such as cleaning etc.

Fibalon balls
Fibalon sphere

The classic model of Fibalon can replace the sand or cartridge of your pool filter

The advantages of FIBALON® Compact


You no longer need to replace your cartridge
By reducing your water consumption you can economise up to 40% of energy - Be kind to the environment with FIBALON®!

High filtering capacity

DyFix® tecnnology allows a high capacity of particle retention, boasting a filtration capacity of 8 microns for each FIBALON® Compact ball. Practically the totality of impurities is held by the media, ensuring excellent filtration and crystalline water.

Laboratory tested, FIBALON® Compact captures up to 98,5% of particles.

Stops biofilm

Biofilm is a layer of bacteria which accumulates on the walls of the spa and resists to water. Using FIBALON® Compact avoids biofilm development.
FIBALON® Compact reduces wear and tear on annexe equipment (less wear and tear = less repairs)

Fibalon cartridge
FIBALON® Compact net fits easily into your filter
Fibalon captures particles
High particle retention

Easy to manipulate

The very light weight of the net ensures easy installation in a pool or spa alike.

Frost resistance

FIBALON® Compact is not sensitive to frost, resists to heat (up to 95°C) and climatical variations.

Chemical resistance

The composition of FIBALON® Compact (100% polyester) allows high resistance to chemical products.

How many nets of FIBALON® Compact for which type of cartridge ?

Type of filtering cartridge
Number of nets
4 inch
6 inch
8 inch
Fibalon Compact

Quality and security

FIBALON® Compact is a sure choice for swimmer's comfort
Les fibres that constitute FIBALON® are certified ÖKO-TEX®-Standard 100

The polyester used in FIBALON® Compact contains antimony at the heart of its fibres but not on their surface.
Tests effectuated in an acid solution show that a kilo of fibres contains 1.4 mg of antimony. This level is well below the norm, which is 5 mg.

How do I install FIBALON Compact ?

Fibalon Compact   easy to install

1 - Unplug the filter from the power supply

2 - Open the filter following its manufacturer's instructions

3 - Remove the original cartridge
4 - Insert FIBALON® Compact inside your filter without compressing

5 - Close the filter following the manufacturer's instructions

6 - Reconnect the pump to the filtration system

Comparison between cartridge filter use and FIBALON® Compact

CharacteristicsCartridge filtrationFIBALON® Compact
Friction lossModerateLow
Elimination of debrisDifficultLow
Anti-algaeLow efficiencyVery efficient
Filtration capacity25 microns8 microns
Lifespan1 year5 years
Resistance to frostNoYes
Energetic efficiency40%95%
Particle capture95%98,5%
Manual back washImpossibleYes
Flocculant requirementNoNo
Chemical resistance levelModerateHigh

Warning concerning automatic backwash cycles

Because of the low-pressure level when using FIBALON® Compact, an automatic backwash valve may not be adapted. Manual backwash is preferable.

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