Hayward semi inground technical shelter

Hayward semi-inground technical shelter
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Ref. Abatik 008155
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Hayward semi-inground technical shelter, solo, for filter diameter 500mm
Equipped with sand filter and SIDE valve
MAX FLO filtration pump
water flow from 11 m3/h to 14m3/h
Hayward semi inground technical shelter, equipped with filter, diameter diam. 500 and pump 11m3/h
Ref. Abatik 008153 Ref. Provider 060911110
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1706 €
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Hayward semi-inground technical shelter, equipped with filter diam. 600 and pump 14m3/h
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Hayward semi-inground technical shelter, solo, for filter diameter 500mm
Ref. Abatik 008155 Ref. Provider 060911005
EUR 581
581 €
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A semi-inground technical shelter is an ideal solution to install your pool filtration system, quickly and easily.

Two possible solutions for installation:
- An empty shelter, that you equip with your choice of material.
- A pre-installed shelter, already equipped with filtration pump, sand filter and pre-installed plumbing connections that you simply connect to the inlets and outlets of your shelter.

The quality of the construction materials and the colour of the shelter ensures discreet integration in your pool area.
Semi sunk technical room Hayward

Max Flo pump

PermaGlass XL pump.
1"1/2 connection.
Volume of pre-filter basket 1000 cm³.
Flow from 11 to 14m³/h .

Resistant to chemical and salt corrosion in usual conditions of use.

Ceramic on carbon rotating o-ring .
Lexan transparent lid with fast opening and closing system.

Very low noise level in operation.
Low energy consumption.
Performance chart Max Flo pump
Performance of the Max Flo range

Dimensions Max Flo
Dimensions of the Hayward Max Flo in mm ("A" = 213mm)

The filter

High density, blown, polyethylene filter with an automatic purge. Maximum working pressure - 3,5 bars.
Supplied with Variflo 6-way valve.

Retractable sieve system : ingenious conception, these sieves fold easily, offering easy maintenance for your sand filter.

Details filter
Details Hayward semi inground technical shelter

1. Manual purge valve to evacuate trapped air in the system.

2.Dome fixed in place by the use of a tightening collar, offering easy access and filter inspection.

3. High, integrated diffuser guarantees even water distribution on the sand bed. Internal tubing is dimensioned to reduce friction loss.

4. High-performance water collector, featuring self-cleaning, perforated at 360° sieves. This offers a balanced water flow and back wash.

5. Integrated purge valve easily evacuates water from the filter without losing sand.
6. Automatic purge to evacuate air trapped in the system during operation.

7. Blown, high density, polyethylene tank, dyed in the mass resistant to weather conditions and requiring minimal maintenance.

8. Hayward Vari-Flo 6-way valve.

9. Anti-corrosive base with a design that ensures perfect stability.

The electrical cabinet (on option)

The electrical cabinet of the Hayward semi inground system features 3 modes :

1. Programming

The length of filtration cycle can be chosen and programmed
Filtration is an essential factor to ensure limpid, healthy pool water.
The following table can be used to calculate required filtration time :

Water temperatureChlorine Bromine Active oxygen*PHMB*
Up to 10°C2h2h
From 10°C to 12°C4h4h
From 12°C to 16°C6h7h
From 16°C to24°C8h12h
From 24°C to 27°C10h14h
From 27°C to 30°C15h to 20h15h to 20h
Over20h to 24h24h

* Filtration time required per day

For water with a temperature lesser than 20°C, we can equally use the following calculation :

Temperature/2 = Hours of filtration required per day

In the case of very dirty, green or cloudy water, it is recommended to filter continuously, till the problem is resolved.
Dispatch 3/4 day 1/4 night

2. Protect

The electrical cabinet protects the pump using a thermal magnetic circuit breaker associated with a magnetic contactor. This protects the pump in the case of a short circuit or overload. A fusebox alone does not offer this protection.

3. Commands

The electrical cabinet will command the pump and lighting projectors (12 volts) via the timeclock. See the cable section table

Conform to norm C 15-100 it is essential to install a 30 mA protection at the circuits departure point in the electrical cabinet.

Transformer 300W(25A)Transformer 600W(25A)

Table showing motor power consumption / circuit breaker dimension

Table showing indication of power consumption for single-phase motors

circuit breaker dimensionAmperageHPkW
1,6 / 2,42,2 A1/30,25
2,4 / 43,12 A1/20,37
4 / 6,34,76 A3/40,55
6,3 / 106,01 A10,75
6,3 / 107,60 A1 1/21,10
10 / 1610,40 A21,50

Table showing indication of power consumption for three-phase motors

circuit breaker dimensionAmperageHPkW
1 / 1,61,03 A1/30,25
1,6 / 2,41,60 A1/20,37
1,6 / 2,42 A3/40,55
2,4 / 42,60 A10,75
2,4 / 43,50 A1 1/21,10
4 / 6,35 A21,50
6,3 / 105 A32,20
6,3 / 106,60-3,60


2 years on shelter
5 years on filter
2 years on pump

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