Kefren semi-inground technical shelter

Kefren semi-inground technical shelter
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Kefren solo semi-inground technical shelter
Kefren, semi-inground technical shelter Sena 1.25HP pump, Millennium Ø660mm filter, maximum volume of pool 75m3
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Kefren solo semi-inground technical shelter
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Kefren semi inground technical shelter, Sena 1HP pump , Millennium Ø560mm filter, maximum volume pool 40m3
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Kefren ,semi-inground technical shelter with Sena 3/4 HP pump , Millennium Ø480mm filter, maximum volume pool, 30m3
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Installation hole for Kerfren
The implantation of the technical shelter is an important choice. If your installation is less than 3m from the pool, the electrical cabinet of the filter command should not be installed in the shelter. At a distance greater than 3m, the electrical cabinet can be installed in the shelter.
A hole measuring 140 cm x 140 cm, 60 cm deep and a trench in which the piping and sealed parts can be directed from the pool to the shelter are required in preparation for the shelters installation. A trench for the evacuation of soiled water and another for the electrical requirements should also be prepared.
At the base of the hole, a concrete screed, 20 cm thick should be put into place.


The KEFREN semi-inground technical shelter is the ideal solution for the installation of your filtration group, put into place quickly and easily.

Kefren semi inground technical shelter
Two possible solutions for installation:
- An empty shelter, that you equip with your choice of material.
- A pre-installed shelter, already equipped with filtration pump, sand filter and pre-installed plumbing connections that you simply connect to the inlets and outlets of your shelter.
The quality of the construction materials and the colour of the shelter ensures discreet integration in your pool area.
Dimensions Kefren semi inground technical shelter

The pump

Motor protection IP-55 class F. Pump body made from polypropylene reinforced with graphite and glass fiber. NORYL turbine. Metallic parts in contact with water are made from AISI 316 stainless steel. 2-liter pre-filter with transparent lid.
click here for more details on the ASTRAL Sena pool pump
Sena pump

ModelsCapacityPower supplyFlow
ASTRAL SENA pump3/4 HPSingle-phase9 m³/h
ASTRAL SENA pump1 HPSingle-phase12 m³/h
ASTRAL SENA pump1,25 HPSingle-phase15 m³/h

Dimensions Sena pump
Dimensions of the Astral Sena depending on model
(Dimensions in mm)

Performance charts Sena filtration pump

The filter

Filters moulded using blown technique to form a tank without soldering or joins. Made from plastic resin, resistant to atmospheric and chemical agents. Easy opening lid. Equipped with a manometer, manual purge and multiway valve. Ivory in colour. Maximum working pressure 2,5 kg / cm² for filters with a diameter of 430mm and 480mm, and 2kg / cm² for filters with a diameter of 560mm and 660mm.
Millennium Filter

Filter dimensions

Millennium Top filter

Ø D (mm)430480560660
H (mm)875920830960
M (mm)735780460570
N (mm)655700335510
Connections1 1/2"1 1/2"1 1/2"1 1/2"
Flow (m3/h)791217
Maximum volume of pool (m3)30405075
Sand recharge (kg)6085135250
Maximum working pressure (kg/m²)2,52,52,52,5
Weight (kg)14161829
Volume (m3)0,170,240,260,42


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