LIFT UP motorised unit for pool enclosures

Lift up motorisation unit for pool enclosure
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lift up motorised unit for pool shelter
EUR 1675.00
Motorised unit elevation and lowering of retractable modules,
easy to use, conforms to EU norms
Raised maximum load: 75 kg
Runs on rechargeable battery
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The Lift Up motorised unit for pool enclosure in details

Its offers a practical solution to elevate the modules of your pool shelter.

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The Lift Up avoids the manual elevation and lowering of modules that can be difficult to manipulate due to their weight, putting support struts into place, needing the intervention of two persons...

The Lift Up opens and closes one by one the liftable modules of your pool enclosure, without effort. One person can, in a few seconds, free pool access.*

Operation : The Lift Up consists of a motorised stand that supports the lifting strut. The stand features a hook onto which the base of the pool enclosure module is attached.

The hook rises or lowers the length of the lifting strut, bringing with it the module which lifts or lowers without effort.

Before using: Attach one of the supplied hooks under the crossbar of each module

Lift Up hook
Wheels to ensure easy mobility
Motorised base
Lifting strut
Schema Lift Up

Before lifting a module :
Step one   unlock module
Unlock the fixation system of each module
Step two   link the lift up hook to module
Pass the hook situated on the module's crossbar into the Lift Up hook

Step three   push the button
Hold the button on the unit upwards : the module lifts without effort
Step four   place the supporting strut
Once the desired height is reached, release the button and position the supporting strut supplied with your pool enclosure.

Step 5   adjust
Using the button, lower slightly the stand to free the Lift Up hook
Step 6   your enclosure is open
Your pool enclosure module is open

Lift up   free locking system
Free the locking system of the module
Insert lift up hook to enclosure module hook
Link the Lift Up hook into the hook fixed on the enclosure's crossbar
Spacer20Action button
Spacer20Press the button
Position supporting struts
Position the supporting structure

Lift up in situ
Lift up motorised unit
Pool open with Lift Up
Retractable swimming pool shelter modules - lifted with the Lift Up motorised unit

To lower a module :
- Link the Lift Up hook into the hook fixed on the enclosure's crossbar.
- Push and hold the button in a downward position - the module lowers.
- Once the module has totally lowered, the Lift Up stops automatically. Unlink the hooks.
- Action the module's locking system.

Practical : This motorised system is completely mobile and on wheels. It does not need to be carried.

Battery :

The battery is capable of running approximately 20 cycles before needing to be recharged. A cycle consists of elevating and lowering.

First use

Once the module has reached the correct height, place the supplied sticker under the hook. This will give you a marking point for future use.

Technical features

Dimensions of the motorised base
Height: 330 mm / Length: 205 mm / Width: 140 mm
Maximum elevation height of modules
1.82 m
Battery capacity
2 X 5.4 Amh
Battery type
Sealed lead
Probable life span
3 to 4 years
Anti-corrosive steel monobloc with grey lacquered finish
ABS wheels
Power supply
24 volts
Packaged weight
15 kilos

Use the Lift Up in coherence with the weight of the module

The Lift Up has a raised maximum load of 75 kg.

To use the Lift Up - weigh the module :
Lift the module and slide a set of scales under the section.

Let the module lean on the scales.

The indicated weight should be inferior to 75 kg in order to use Lift Up.
Weigh your modules

* Warning : Lift Up cannot be used to open telescopic pool enclosures


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