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Hexagone Murena 45 M public pool cleaner

Hexagone public pool cleaner 45M
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Murena 45 M pool cleaner
EUR 7190.00
Made in France,
For pools up to 25m,
Cleans the bottom surface of the pool,
Optimises the cleaning cycles (Magellan system)
Easy to use and maintain,
Wireless remote control and transportation trolley included.
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The Murena 45 M electric pool cleaner is specially designed to facilitate the maintenance of public pools. Cleaning efficiently the bottom surface of pools with a maximum length of 25m.

This cleaner's powerful suction action filters 50 m³ per hour. Using a large capacity filter bag (3,1 kg), debris and dirt are stocked with no problem. Four filter capacities are available: 20, 105, 250 or 1000 microns. The maintenance of the bag is easy and avoids all direct contact with dirt.
The Murena 45 M is equipped with ultra-performant PVC/PVA brushes, eliminating all residue in its path.

Two drive motors ensure a fast trajectory, cleaning 10 m/min. The Murena 45 M provides a fast, deep clean at the bottom surface of your pool.

Murena 45m
The Murena 45 M pool cleaner integrates Magellan technology. Otherwise known as Automatic Random Mode, defining the best possible trajectory and so optimising the cleaning cycle. The unit follows movements predefined by a sequence based on the dimensions of the pool, cleaning its entire bottom surface in a limited timespan.

The cleaners trajectory is smooth and effortless due to the use of a pre-equipped infrared obstacle detector, avoiding all collision with the walls or steps of the pool.

If an obstacle is present, the Magellan program calculates a new trajectory and the cleaner changes direction, therefore preserving the unit from any collision and providing a longer lifespan.

Easy to use, the Murena 45 M is complete with a control box and a long range remote control, letting you control or modify its cycle, easily, from the pools border.

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Nota : The Murena 45 M is equipped with an arm reel on which to store the cable on.

How does it work

Putting the cleaner into water

The Murena 45 M has been designed to be easily put into water following a simple and fast 5 step procedure :

- Fully unroll the self-floating cable avoiding tangles and knots.
- Plunge the cable and cleaner into pool water
- Evacuate any trapped air from the unit with a to and fro movement
- Let the cleaner drop and stabilise on the bottom surface of the pool

Removing the cleaner from water

The Murena 45 M pool cleaner automatically stops at the end of its cycle. To bring it to the pool edge using the remote control. Once the cleaner has reached the pool wall :

- Grip the pool exit rope by the blue float and pull the unit out of the water.
- When the cleaner reaches the waterline, grip its handle.
- Press the In/Out button on the remote control to suspend the pumps activity and avoid any outboard damage to the cleaner.
- Pull the handle, with the traction motors ON to facilitate the cleaners exit from pool water.
- When the unit is out of the water, on a flat surface push the STOP button on the remote control.
- Turn the "I/O" switch in the electrical box to "O" and unplug the electrical supply cable.
- Disconnect the floating cable from the unit.
- Place the cleaner on its transportation trolley and proceed to clean the filter bag.
- Roll the cable back on the arm reel for easy and efficient storage.

Murena 45

The Murena 45 M pool cleaner is delivered with its transportation trolley made from stainless steel, ensuring easy portability and rolling and unrolling the 25m cable simply and easily.

The control box

Control box Murena 45m
Chooses the trajectory speed. A warning light will action in case of abnormality.
Hour clock
Indicates the total amount of working hours effectuated by the pool cleaner.
Start "Day"
This setting activates automatically the cleaning cycle after calculating the dimensions of the pool and adapting an optimised trajectory.
Start "Night"
The delay clock is used, leaving the time for debris and dirt to fall to the bottom surface of the pool. Factory settings are programmed to start the cycle 3 hours after the setting is programmed.
Cleaning cycle
This circle indicates via the LED display the progression of the cleaning cycle.

The remote control

The supplied remote control allows you the control the manual mode of the Murena 45 M. Just flick the "I/O" in the electrical box to the position "I".

Remote control Murena 45m
Forward (push twice on the button to obtain a quick forward movement)
Left rotation (Hold the button down while the rotation is carried out)
Backwards (Push the button twice to obtain a quick backward movement)
Right rotation (Hold the button down while the rotation is carried out)
SPOT function - on the spot cleaning on a specific area
"Day" : Starts the automatic cleaning mode
"Night" : Uses the delay start for the cleaning cycle
Diode indicates the correct operation of remote control buttons and batteries.
STOP : Allows you to exit manual mode, going to automatic mode and visa vera.

The maintainance

The robot Murena 45 M is equipped with a simple to use, easy to access filter bag system using an "umbrella" opening system. We recommend the filter bag to be cleaned at the end of each cycle. To clean the bag :

- Cut the power supply and unplug the control box.
- Take the cleaner out of pool water using the exit rope (do not use the floating cable).
- Unclip and lift off the cover dome. Place it flat, on its upside. Do not place the seal on the floor surface.
- Pull the filter support by its top.
- Pull the elastic to evacuate debris and dirt from the filter bag
- Rinse the filter in clean, lightly soaped water taking care to thoroughly rinse the filter.

Nota : Do not rinse the filter bag in the washing machine or with a high-pressure cleaner. We recommend changing the filter each year. Never use the pool cleaner Murena 45 M if its filter is damaged or its elastic is stretched.
Filter Murena 45m

The pool cleaner itself should also be cleaned regularly with clear water. It is important to check no debris has become lodged in the units turbine.
Detailed view Murena 45m


Suction power
50 m³ /h
Type of filtration
Filter bag
Filtering capacity
20/105/250 microns
Capacity of filter bag
3,1 kg
Trajectory speed
Cleaning capacity
270 m²/h
Infrared obstacle detecors
Stainless steel 316 L
22 kg (out of water) 3 kg (in water)
Width of cleaner
450 mm
Length of cleaner
25 m
PVC / PVA brushes
Power input
110/240 v / 24 V
2 X 25 W DC
4 belts
Minimum depth of use
40 cm
Remote control
Yes (8 possible settings)
Transportation trolley
Yes (Stainless steel, 45 cm in width)

Available options

- A "gallow" trolley: The "gallow" system lets you place and immerse your Murena 45 M cleaner in the pool water gently and with ease.

The factory setting of the robot Murena 45 M is Automatic Random Mode. You can define two other modes as alternative options:

- Magellan Program / Automatic Systematic Mode: You can program this cycle when available maintenance time is short. The pool cleaner fully operates throughout the whole bottom surface, using a series of organised movements. Its trajectory is permanently corrected, keeping straight to optimise the cycle. This mode is compatible with rectangular pools with a flat or slightly sloped bottom surface.

- The Magellan program / Automatic V mode : The pool cleaner operates multiple sweeps of the pool ensuring optimal cleanliness. Operating with a series of "V" trajectories, recommended for use in rectangular pools with a flat or slightly sloped bottom surface.


2 years (not applicable to belts, traction tracks, filters and brushes) 7 years anti-corrosion

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