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Hexagone Murena 51 M electric pool cleaner for public pools

Hexagone Murena 51m
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Murena 51 M pool cleaner
EUR 8990.00
Made in France,
For pools up to 25m in length,
Automatic bottom surface clean, long and short cycle,
Cleaning cycle adapted to pools dimensions,
Easy use and maintenance,
Transportation trolley and remote control supplied
In stock

The Murena 51 electric pool cleaner

It is a global solution efficiently ensuring the cleanliness of public pools up to 25m in length. Fast and effective, running at a distance of 12 m/min using two traction motors.

The units suction power filters 55 m³ / hour. Dirt and debris are stocked in the filter bag which has a capacity of 3,4 kg. There are several choices of filter bags offering a range of filtering capacity: 20, 105, 250 or 1000 microns.

For a total clean, this cleaner is equipped with PVC/PVA brushes, eliminating all residue in its path.

To ensure a total clean of the pools bottom surface, the
Murena 51 M integrates Magellan technology.

This intelligent system functions with a criss-cross trajectory, otherwise know as Automatic Random Mode, covering the bottom surface as a whole. The pool cleaner uses a cycle of predefined movements calculated on the basis of the pool dimensions. The Murena 51 M has a long or short automatic mode that can be programmed by the control box.

The cleaners effortless movements are assisted by an integrated infrared obstacle detector.

If an obstacle blocks the path of the cleaner the Magellan program calculates another trajectory and the cleaner changes direction.

The Murena 51 M is therefore equipped to avoid collision with the pool walls or pool stairs, optimising its lifespan.
Poolside view Murena 51

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How to use the Murena 51


The Murena 51 M electric pool cleaner has been designed to facilitate its introduction to pool water. The units immersion takes only a few minutes, following several easy steps :

- Unroll completely the floating cable, taking care that no knots or tangles form.
- Immerse the floating cable and cleaner in the water.
- If air in trapped inside the cleaner, evacuate it with a swinging to and fro movement.
- Let the unit drop and stabilise on the bottom surface of the pool.

Exiting from water

When the cleaning cycle has been completed, the Murena 51 M stops automatically. Use the remote control to navigate the unit to the poolside. Once the cleaner has reached the pool wall :

- Pull the cleaner to the surface of the water using the floater on the exit cord.
- The unit is situated on the water line. Hold the unit by its handle.
- Push the In/Out button of the remote control: The pump of the cleaner stops when out of water to avoid damage.
- Leave the traction motors on to facilitate the exit from water.
- Push the STOP button on the remote control when your pool cleaner is out of water, on a flat surface.
- Select the "I/O" switch in the electrical box to "O".
- Unplug the power cable.
- Disconnect the self-floating cable from the cleaner.
- Place the pool cleaner on its transportation trolley.
- Use the cable reel to protect and easily store the floating cable.
Detailed view Murena 51m
The Murena 51 M is delivered with its transportation trolley complete with cable reel, wireless and long range remote control and 32m floating cable.

Control box

The electrical box of the robot Murena 51 M is equipped with a control box enabling an easy programming of the cleaning cycles. This control box indicates the stage of operation of the unit and it number of worked hours permitting the evaluation of its lifespan.
Control panel Murena 51m
Allows you to regulate the speed of trajectory. A warning light actions in case of default.
Hour clock
Mechanical clock indicates the total of hours worked by the unit.
Start "Day"
This touch automatically activates the cleaning cycle calculating the dimensions of the pool operating by an adapted trajectory.
Start "Night"
A delayed cycle, leaving the time for debris to reach the bottom surface of the pool. The factory settings start the cycle 3 hours after programming.
Cleaning cycle
Via a LED display the circle indicates the various stages of the cleaning cycle.

Manual operation

The Murena 51 M pool cleaner is delivered with a long range anti-shock remote control which means you can control your pool cleaning from the pool border. You can intervene and direct operations depending on your needs, passing from manual to automatic mode by simply flicking the "I/O" switch in the electrical box to "I" setting.

Remote control Murena 51m
Forwards (press twice successively to move forwards quickly)
Left rotation (Hold down while rotation is in operation)
Backwards (press twice successively to move backwards quickly )
Right rotation (Hold down while rotation is in operation)
SPOT - On the spot cleaning for a specific area
"Day" : Start automatic cleaning mode
"Night" : Program delayed cleaning mode
Diode indicates good working order of the remote controls buttons and batteries
STOP : Allows the passage of manual to automatic mode and vice versa


The Murena 51 M pool cleaner is equipped with a easy to care for filter bag with simple access using an "umberella" system. The filter bag should be cleaned at the end of each cleaning cycle and is easily carried out :

- Disconnect the cleaner from the power supply and the control box.
- Remove the cleaner from the pool water using the exit cord. Do not pull the floating cable.
- Unclip and lift the cover dome placing it flat, upside down. The washer must not touch the floors surface.
- Remove the filter by its upside.
- Pull on the elastic to release collected dirt and debris.
- Rinse the filter in clean water with mild soap taking care to rinse thoroughly.

Nota : Do not use a washing machine or high pressured hose to clean the filter bag. We recommend that you change the bag each year. Never use the Murena 51 M if its filter is damaged or its elastic is loose.
Filter Murena 51m

The pool cleaner itself should be cleaned regularly in clear water. It is imperative to check that no debris is lodged in the turbine.
Details Murena 51M


Suction power
55 m³ /h
Type of filtration
Filter bag
Filtration capacity
20/105/250 microns
Capacity of filter
3,4 kg
Speed of trajectory
12 m/min
Cleaning surface capacity
270 m²/h
Infrared obstacle detectors
Stainless steel 316 L
22,5 kg (out of water) 3,3 kg (in water)
Width of cleaner
510 mm
Length of cable
32 m
PVC / PVA brushes
Power input
110/240 v / 24 V
2 X 25 W DC
4 belts
Minimum working depth
40 cm
Remote control
Yes (8 possible settings)
Transportation trolley
Yes (Stainless steel, 51 cm in width)
Full view Murena 51m

Available options

The "gallow" trolley

The "gallow" system lets you place and immerse your Murena 51 M cleaner in the pool water gently and with ease.

The factory setting of the Murena 51 M pool cleaner is Automatic Random Mode. You can define two other modes as alternative options:
Magellan Program / Automatic systematic mode

You can program this cycle when available maintenance time is short. The pool cleaner fully operates throughout the whole bottom surface, using a series of organised movements. Its trajectory is permanently corrected, keeping straight to optimise the cycle. This mode is compatible with rectangular pools with a flat or slightly sloped bottom surface.
The Magellan program / Automatic V mode

The pool cleaner operates multiple sweeps of the pool ensuring optimal cleanliness. Operating with a series of "V" trajectories, recommended for use in rectangular pools with a flat or slightly sloped bottom surface.


2 years (not applicable to belts, traction tracks, filters and brushes) 7 years anti-corrosion

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