Normiver opaque winter cover
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Ref. Abatik 000298
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Normiver shape A opaque winter cover
PVC canvas with density of 550g/m2,
Fixation with double eyelets, bungee clicks and stainless steel retractable fixations
  • Complies with standard NF P 90-308
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Normiver shape A opaque winter cover
Ref. Abatik 000298 Ref. Provider 074730
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13.90 €
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Normiver shape B opaque winter cover
Ref. Abatik 009549 Ref. Provider 074731
EUR 13.90
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13.90 €
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Shape of poolShape AShape B stair cut
Price incl VAT per m²13.90 €13.90 €+ 69 € incl VAT

Compatible pool shapes

Range shape A
Shape A : for rectagular pools...
Range shape B
Shape B : For oval, round, 8-shaped, parallelogram...


Avoids the deposit of leaves and debris in your pool during the winter period. Maintains water limpidity during winter, reduces chemical treatment product use and eases the start up of your pool in Springtime.
Made to measure and is ideal for pools up to 72 m² maximum (6m x 12m inner dimensions) with or without stairs.
Made in conformity to the norm NF P 90-308 this cover offers security for your pool.
- Made with a polyester frame, PVC coated on 2 sides, density 550 g/m²
- Benefits from an anti U.V treatment on the outer surface and a total anti-cryptogamic treatment.
- Assembly by high-frequency welding, a welded hem on the total parameter and double, stainless steel eyelet fixations approximately every 1m.
- With central rainwater evacuation grid, made from prestressed PVC material assembled by high-frequency welding.
- Fixation by double stainless steel eyelets, bungee clicks and retractable stainless steel fixations ensuring easy, fast installation and great resistance.
Adapted to nearly all existing pools or pools under construction with surround that can accommodate the fixation bolts.

To conform with the norm NF P 90-308, the winter cover must be installed following the indications for use.
This security cover does not substitute individual responsibility, good sense or the watchful eye of responsible adults. The physical presence of a responsible adult or parent is indispensable when the pool is in use. A swimming pool requires constant vigilance.

- Material: Polyester frame, PVC coated on 2 sides, density 550 g/m²
- Assembly : High frequency welding
- Treatment : anti-UV, anticryptogamic and anti-bacterial.
- Parameter finish : Hemmed
- Overlap :
+ 0,70 m if your pool is lesser or equal to 70 m²
+ 0,80 m if your pool is greater than 70 m²
- Available colours:
Blue or green upper side
underside sand

- Stainless steel "P" fixations for concrete surround
- Sand coloured bungee click fixations
Stainless steel P fixation
Stainless steel "P" fixations for concrete surround
Sand bungee click
Sandowclick sable

Coloris de bache disponibles

Upper side


Upper side


Upper side


Photos are a colour indication and are non contractual.

Fixation of the winter cover

Schema Normiver opaque winter cover

- Drill holes 6 mm in diameter, 90 mm deep, at a distance of 42 cm from the side of the cover, starting with the angles. For the cover reply to the norm, the fixation measurements must be respected as this has a consequence on the tension of the cover.
- Position the crossed fixations.
- Tension a line 42 cm from the edge of the cover in order to correctly line up all the holes precisely in the middle of the double eyelets.
- Position the bungee clicks in the eyelets.
- Position the bungee clicks behind the crossed fixations (If you have difficulty in positioning the bungee behind the crossed fixation, unhook one end of the bungee click from one of the double eyelets, position behind crossed fixations and then reattach the bungee click in the eyelet).
- Check the perfect centring and perfect tensions of your cover.


3 digressive seasons, manufacture and material.
The guarantee of the covers concerns the quality of material used and their assembly and does not cover damage caused by poor installation, poor maintenance, poor upkeep or due to abrasion.


3 digressive seasons

Photos non-contractual
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