Safety Bache Prestige

Safety Bache Prestige
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13 €/m²
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13 €/m² Including VAT
Ref. Abatik 016963
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Safety Bache Prestige shape 1 winter cover
PVC canvas, density 650g/m²
Double eyelets, bungee fixations and retractable anchorage
  • Complies with standard NF P 90-308
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Safety Bache Prestige shape 1 winter cover
Ref. Abatik 016963 Ref. Provider 151215 forme1
EUR 13
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13 €
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Safety Bache Prestige Luxe shape 1 winter cover
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Safety Bache Prestige shape 2 winter cover
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Safety Bache Prestige Luxe shape 2 winter cover
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Safety Bache Prestige shape 3 winter cover
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Safety Bache Prestige Luxe shape 3 winter cover
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Safety Bache Prestige
Safety Bache Prestige Luxe
Compatible shapesShape 1Shape 2Shape 3
Prices per m²13.00 € incl VAT15.00 € incl VAT17.00 € incl VAT
Type de formeForme 1Forme 2Forme 3
Prices per m²14.90 € incl VAT16.00 € incl VAT18.00 € incl VAT

For dimensions lesser than 10m², surcharge of + 25%.

Stair and outboard filtration monobloc cut

Outboard filtration monobloc
+ 70€ Including VAT
Standard stair cut (lesser or equal to 3,70m in diameter)
+ 70€ Including VAT
Non-standard stair cut
+ 90€ Including VAT

Characteristics of the winter cover

The installation of an opaque winter cover provides poolwater protection during the low season. An adapted solution to ensure your pool is sheltered from poor weather conditions and pollution during the low seasons. This method avoids the deposit of dust in your pool water, insects, dead leaves whilst limiting the proliferation of algae.
Winterizing covers are directly exposed to strong weather conditions such as wind, snow etc... Their resistance to time depends on the depth of material used and the assembly technique. To lengthen lifespan and add to resistance, the cover is made from opaque PVC canvas 650g/m² complete with anti-UV and cryptogamic treatment.

Advantages of the cover Safety Bache Prestige

Use of this cover ensures :

Security : this cover conforms to the norm NF P90-308. It has been tested and certified for a pool with maximum inner dimensions of 13 x 6 meters.

Protection : retains leaves, dust, insects etc. The covers opacity stops the passage of light and the proliferation of algae. Putting your pool back into springtime service will be much easier.

Comfort : The central rainwater evacuation grid avoids the formation of water pockets on the surface of the cover.


This cover is adapted to all pools :
- Traditionally shaped or free form shaped,
- Maximum inner dimensions up to 13 x 6m.
Schema Safety bache Eco

Spacer20bungee tensioner (1), Fixation (2), Central rainwater evacuation grid (3),
Reinforced welded hem(4)

Available stair cuts

The cover can adapt to several stair cuts : rectangular (1), trapeze (2), roman (3), semi-circulaire (4) or free form (5) (please consult us).

Available stair cuts

Stair cuts are available on option.

Technical charateristics

ModelSafety Bache PrestigeSafety Bache Prestige Luxe
MaterialPolyester covered with PVCPolyester covered with PVC
TreatmentsAnti-UV, anti-cryptogamicAnti-UV, anti-cryptogamic
Maximum interior dimensions13 x 6m13 x 6m
Shape of poolAll shapesAll shapes
Overlap70 cm on the length and width of the pool (being 35cm per side)70 cm on the length and width of the pool (being 35cm per side)
FixationsCrossed fixationsAluminium and stainless steel retractable bolts
Bungee tensionersV with plastic hooksV with certified attaching system
Guarantee3 digressive seasons3 digressive seasons

Fixation systems

Peripheral fixation systems

Safety Bache Prestige

Double ended V bungee fixation

V Bungee tensioners with plastic hooks
Safety Bache Prestige Luxe

V bungee tensioner with certified attaching system

V Bungee tensioners with certified attaching system

Ground anchorage systems

Safety Bache Prestige

Crossed fixation

Crossed fixations
Safety Bache Prestige Luxe

Aluminium and stainless steel retractable bolts
Aluminium and stainless steel retractable fixations.

Available colours

Blue with sand underside

Blue with sand underside

Precautions for use with your cover

The conformity certificate NF P 90-308 is delivered with your cover.

It is imperative to rigorously follow all instructions for use to fully benefit from the guarantee.

Maintenance advice

Rainwater evacuation cavities must not be obstructed.

After removing your cover from the pool:
- Rinse in clear water and dry before storage.

General instructions

- The guarantee for a defective product is put into application after the product has been returned to the manufacturers workshop for analysis and verification.
- The transport costs for the return of a product are excluded from the guarantee.
- Damage caused to a product during transport is excluded from the guarantee. The client should establish written reservations with the transporter or refuse the merchandise on reception.
- The manufacturer reserves the right to decide if the product should be repaired or exchanged.

Excluded from the guarantee

- The non-respect of instructions for use of the cover, leading to abnormal degradation.
- All modifications to the cover without written accord from the manufacturer.
- Deterioration due to the use of a cleaning product other than the product recommended.
- Consecutive deterioration due to weather conditions : violent winds, snow > or = to 5cm, violent hail.
- Deterioration due to abrasive rubbing.

Deterioration due to abrasive rubbing, snagging, ripping, or inadequate water treatment and also colour fastness of the cover does not enter into the conditions of the guarantee.


3 digressive winter seasons

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