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Cat Fish
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POOL BLASTER Cat Fish pool vacuum
EUR 254.00
Manual pool vacuum,
For above ground pools and spas,
Independent filtration system,
Light and simple to use,
Battery operated
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The Poolblaster Cat Fish has been designed to facilitate the cleaning of above ground pools and spas. Featuring an independent filtering system, the unit collects debris and dirt in its internal filter bag.

Easy to use and handle, just immerse in water and switch on the begin cleaning your pool.

How to use the Cat Fish

This pool vacuum means you can easily clean the floor of your spa or above ground pool, regardless of its shape. It can also be used for the occasional cleaning of specific spots in your in-ground pool (such as stairs or difficult to reach corners).

Great suction power ensures optimal cleanliness. The large handle coupled with the units reduced weight (2kg battery included) facilitates movement and manipulation. Its rechargeable battery is autonomous for 45mins.
Cat fish

Cat fish in detail

The suction head of the Cat Fish features 4 wheels facilitating its trajectory. Its suction width of 20cm quickly covers large surfaces of pool floors, minimising cleaning time and running distance (A).

The head is removable to reach difficult spots (B).

This vacuum is adaptable to all telescopic perches (C).

Cat Fish care

Advantages of the vacuum

- Works independently from the pool filtration system, reducing pool filter maintenance.

- Brush head, optimising cleaning .

- Cyclone action ensuring optimal suction to collect sand, algae, leaves, insects and gravel.

- Allows you to easily clean difficult to reach spots.

- Easy to maintain : just remove and clean bag.

- Compatible with all types of pool finish.
Cat Fish in action

Vacuum maintenance

1. Unscrew the head of the vacuum to access the filter bag.
2. Once removed, rinse the filter bag in clear water.
3. Adjust the bag and replace in the vacuum.
4. Re-screw the head and activate the locking system.

Recharging the battery

- Pivot the cover (A) anti-clockwise.

- Connect the charger to the vacuum (B).

- Plug the charger into a domestic socket. Total charge = approx 8h.

Maintenance Cat Fish
Recharging the Cat Fish battery

Technical features

Compatible pool shapes
Rectangular, round, Oval or free form
Compatible pool finish
Liner, PVC, ceramic, fibreglass, painted concrete
Width of suction head
Rechargeable battery
220V included
45min with fully charged battery
Battery charge time
L28 x l11,4 x h8,9cm
Weight (battery included)

The Cat Fish in action


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