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Procolour paint for pools
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Pool paint 4L in Grey- 5Kg pot
Discover our pool paint specific for concrete structures, offering adherence, fast drying, high covering power,
and resistance to time.
Chlorinated rubber base.
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Pool paint 4L in Beige - 5Kg pot
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215 €
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Pool paint 4L in White - 5Kg pot
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Pool paint 4L in Blue - 5Kg pot
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Pool paint 4L in Grey- 5Kg pot
Ref. Abatik 011112 Ref. Provider 60107
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Pool paint thinner 1 L
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Chlorinated rubber based pool paint for concrete pool structures. Highly resistant to water and chemical agents.


* Highly adherent
* Excellent alkalinity resistance
* Excellent resistance to weather conditions
* Resists all types of water treatments (soft and salt water)
* Does not favorise algae development
* Fast drying
* Excellent covering power
To be used when painting concrete pools (Brut or plastered).


Paint base
Chlorinated rubber
Titanium dioxide and selected pigments
Finished aspect
Available colours
White, blue, light blue, beige, grey
Viscosity concentration
88 ± 2 U.K. at 25ºC
Drying time at 23ºC / 50% H.R without undercoat
30 minutes
Drying time at 23ºC / 50% H.R renovation conditions
6 to 8 hours
Theoretical surface covered*
8 to 12m²/l
Thickness of wet coat of paint
83 - 125 microns
Thickness of dry coat of paint
27 - 41 microns
Heat resistance
90ºC (dry heat)

*The surface covered varies depending on the support which is to be painted - its absorption capacity, the application technique chosen and the percentage of dilution of the paint.

Available colours

Blue pool paintBeige pool paintWhite pool paintGrey pool paint

Instructions for use

Recommended conditions of use

Apply the paint during a dry period with an outdoor temperature between 10ºC and 35ºC. Avoid application during the hottest periods of the day to avoid the paint blistering and drying too quickly.

Mix well before application. The surface should be dry and totally clean (mould, algae, lime deposits, saltpetre, traces of sun protection products etc).

Outils :
- Brush/Roller: Dilute to 0-5%.
- Aerographic guns: Dilute to 5-10%.
- Airless spray guns : Dilute to 0-5%.

To clean tools use a Chlorinated rubber based solvent 161.0921.
The quality data of our products is based on laboratory studies. We guarantee the best quality of our products on the condition the application recommendations are perfectly respected.

On new concrete surfaces :

Recent pool builds must have been filled with water for 50 to 60 days before paint is applied. This allows for construction residue and dirt to fully dissolve.

Wash the surface to be painted with hydrochloric acid diluted to 10-15% with water (10:1). Leave to activate 5 minutes, and thoroughly rinse with clear water.

Wait till the surface is totally dry, and apply a first coat of paint, diluted 15-20% with the specific thinner, followed by 2 to 3 coats of paint, conform to the application recommendations.

For surfaces which are already painted:

If the old paint is in good condition, clean with a solution of water and soda crystals diluted to 10:1 to eliminate sun protection residue followed with 2 coats of paint.

Following application, wait for 8 to 10 days before filling your pool.

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