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Complete sealed part kit for concrete pools

Sealing parts - complete kit
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Ref. 022246
Sealing part kit for concrete pools 7m x 3m
Complete kits for concrete pools measuring 7 X 3m, 8 x 4m and 10 x 5m,
Including: skimmers, main drain, discharge nozzles, wall crossings, brush adaptors, LED projectors and junction box
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Sealing part kit for concrete pools 7m x 3m
Ref. 022246
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429 €
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Sealing part kit for concrete pool 8m x 4m
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Sealing part kit for concrete pool 10m x 5m
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Complete kit featuring non-regenerated ABS, anti-UV treated sealing parts for pools with concrete structure


Parts contained in kit

Rectangular wide mouth skimmer

Very easy to install and position from the exterior, without the use of glue.

Features a screw-in fixation ring and a drill-out overflow orifice.

Features stability pads for easy levelling.

The mouth of the skimmer is positioned at a high level to provide a water line which is close to the pool coping.

Equally equipped with an anti-noise shutter that uses an underwater blocker.

Dimensions of skimmer (in mm)
Design, large format skimmer

Dimensions skimmer
Front view (1), Overview (2), Installation schema (3).

Discharge nozzle

The supplied discharge nozzles use inner lugs to facilitate screwing and unscrewing. Particularly esthetic, the discharge nozzles are mounted with invisible screw heads.

Discharge nozzle for concrete pool

Dimensions in mm (1), Discharge nozzle installation schema (2).

Brush adaptor

Brush adaptor for concrete pools

Dimensions in mm (1), Installation schema for brush adaptor (2).

Main drain

The main drain is easy to install and uses blocking studs for fixation to metal rods. Supplied with a 63/50 reduction.

There are no visible screw heads. Clip-on elements facilitate installation.

This main drain has a practical design, without overlap allowing easy passage of pool cleaners.

Dimensions of the main drain (in mm)
Main drain for concrete pools

Dimensions main drain for concrete pool

LED projector

The LED projector is distinguished by its flat front plate and features an ultra flexible cable of 2,10m (2 x 4mm²) used and designed for constant immersion (class AD8).
The junction box liaison uses flexible Glanaflex stuck cable tubing and internal water tightness is ensured by the supplied cable gland.

Dimensions of projector
Dimensions lighting projector
300w lighting projector

LED bulb characteristics

SeaMAID bulbs diffuse an intense beam that valorises your pool and are economical to run.

The bulb's standard dimensions indicate the SeaMAID lamp can be fitted without particular installation requirements in any standard PAR56 alcove, replacing a classic, 300w incandescent pool bulb.

SeaMAID uses a renowned, active Research & Development department that is equipped with a unique testing lab : A subaquatic measurement device designed in collaboration CSTB, Nantes, France and the National Testing Laboratory (Laboratoire National d'Essais -LNE). Using this device, SeaMAID can precisely measure the true lumen of its lighting systems in their operational environment as requested in the European regulation 1194.

The test results are incontestable and correspond to the reality of operational lighting in an aquatic environment.
Seamaid LED pool projector

PAR56 Lamp, 30 LED

Colour temperatureRa (IRC*)Difussion angleNominal beamFuntional beam (angled at 120°)
Blanc Froid 75000K88120°1430 lumens1170 lumens

*CRI : Colour Rendering Index.

Connection box

The connection box features two outlets, one push-out. Installation is facilitated using blocking studs for connection to metal rods.
Water tightness is ensured by the two supplied cable glands. Connections are made using supplied 16mm2 dominos.
The lid is waterproofed by means of the supplied O-ring.

The junction box liaison uses flexible Glanaflex stuck cable tubing.

Junction box

Dimensions in mm

Feed through

If required, the feed-through can be sectioned to fit the wall section of the pool.

50mm entry diameter to be stuck or 2" screw on.

Dimensions in mm
Feed through for concrete pools

Number of parts depending on pool dimensions

Dimensions pool7 x 3m8 x 4m10 x 5m
Discharge nozzles224
Brush adaptor111
Main drain111
LED projector112
Junction box112
Feed through335

Technical shelter operation

Operational schema for technical shelter

Skimmer (1), Main drain (2), Brush adaptor (3), Filtration pump (4), Filter (5), Booster pump (optional) (6), Discharge nozzles (7), Lighting projector (8).

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