Threaded multi-flow discharge nozzles.
Compatibles with liner and concrete pools.
Screw-in model, outer diameter 2", male fitting. Inner diameter 1" 1/2, to be stuck.

«Multiflow» discharge system
Multi flow system for discharge nozzles
A new type of bearing enables a series of various diameters to be used ( 14, 20 and 25 )
The required diameter is selections using a specific template when installing. This type of bearing is used in our full range of ABS discharge nozzles.

Provided waterflow in ratio to diameter of selected model

ø 14
FLOW = 3 m3/h
ø 20
FLOW = 5 m3/h
ø 25
FLOW = 7 m3/h


The role of a discharge nozzle is to send water back into the pool following filtration.
Depending on the directional orientation of the nozzle, surface circulation of pool water can be bettered to avoid sediment, dirt and debris falling to the pool floor.

An important factor to take into account when designing your pool is to ensure a homogenous, efficient recycling system for pool water.
The specific role of the discharge nozzle is to create a water current inside the pool, diffusing filtered, clear water.

The determining factor when making the choice of discharge nozzles is the pool type and capacity of flow provided by the pool filtration pump. The discharge nozzle should create a steady, regular flow throughout the pool avoiding angles.

If the pool is equipped with skimmers, they should be positioned opposite to the direction of dominant winds. The discharge nozzles will be positioned opposite the skimmers or on the side walls.
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