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Composite wood swimming pool DAVAO

Composite wood swimming pool DAVAO
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Composite swimming pool, rotproof composite beams, thickness 45mm.
Self-supporting structure with sand filtration unit
75/100 liner, plain blue with tile band or plain sand with tile band.

Key functions

The Davao pool is created of "Wood affect" composite, made in France with 10 year warranty.
It does not get distorted, does not split, splinter free, does not fade, may even be lacquered, weathering-resistant, no risk of insect or fungus attack, pleasant touch of softness.

Composite swimming pool is made up of 48% of wood (spruce and beech). Wood endows to composite its rigidity and warm and natural aspect.
Davao swimming pool is manufactured out of composite made up of 48% of wood fibres (spruce and beech) for its rigidity and warm and natural aspect. It is bound together with 50% of PVC for its inalterability and 2% of titanium for exceptional resistance. Association of all these elements endows to Davao an extraordinary longevity.
‘Wood Effect’ finish makes it comparable to natural wood effect to the touch and for your eyes.
It does not need to be maintained nor treated.
Composite pool borders are anti-slip and do not heat in the sun.
Composite swimming pool Davao conforms to the norm HQE (high environmental quality). It can be totally recycled and is not toxic for the environment.

Davao Circle shaped
Davao Oval shaped

Davao’s advantages:

- Easy assembling: User’s guideline included
- 3 installation possibilities: above-ground, semi-sunk or sunk in the ground
- 45mm composite beam ‘Wood effect’
- Composite 20 cm large, anti-slip pool borders
- Complete kit: thermal cover, winter cover, ¼ turn valve allows to cut off one of your pool components (pump, filter, automatic chlorine dispenser…). 75/100 liner, colours plain blue with tile band, plain sand with tile band.

3 installation possibilities

Thanks to its extraordinary resistance Davao may be installed above-ground, semi-sunk or sunk in the ground. It is very easy to install and little ground works are necessary. In all three cases the pool will be installed on a concrete slab built as subfloor.
You can install your above-ground pool semi-sunk or in the ground. However make sure your construction conforms to your local regulations criteria.
For customers residing in French territory:
Under Law private swimming pools for individual or group use must with effect from 3 January 2003 be equipped with a standardized safety system for protection from the risk of drowning.




Composite swimming pool DAVAOCircle shapedOval shapedOval shaped
Interior diameter under top coping4,90 m5,95 x 3,65m7,45 x 3,65m
Exterior diameter5,25 m6,30 x 4m7,80 x 4m
Total height1,34 m1,34 m1,34 m
Water volume20 m320 m330 m3
"Wood Effect" composite structure HQE normbeams 45 mmbeams 45 mmbeams 45 mm
Anti-slip top coping - Width 20 cm - Thickness 3 cmyesyesyes
Liner 75/100 plain blue with tail or band Carthage blueyesyesyes
Liner 75/100e plain sand with tile or band Genova sandyesyesyes
Sand filtration unit sand included, two 1/4 turn valves10 m³/h10 m³/h10 m³/h
Rotproof underfelt 200g/m²yesyesyes
Exterior composite stairs 4 stepsyesyesyes
Interior stainless steel ladder 3 stepsyesyesyes
Solar cover 300 microns300 microns300 microns
Winter coveryesyesyes
Complete screw setyesyesyes
Assembling guidelinesyesyesyes

Detailed list of elements included in the composite DAVAO swimming pool kit


10 years degressive on the above-ground structure (starting from the 3-rd year)
2 years on the liner (welding only)
2 years on filtration unit
Photos non-contractual
Price incl. VAT

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