GARDIPOOL OVAL wooden pool
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GARDIPOOL OVAL wooden pool 3m90 x 6m20 x H1m20 pine pool border
Wooden, oval-shaped pool, length from 6m20 to 8m10, height from 1m20 to 1m46, Red Pine structure, autoclave class 4 treatment
75/100th liner, hardwood pool border, sand filter, summer cover
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GARDIPOOL OVAL wooden pool 3m90 x 6m20 x H1m20 pine pool border
Ref. 001424
EUR 10621
10621 €
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GARDIPOOL OVAL wooden pool 3m90 x 6m20 x H1m33 pine pool border
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GARDIPOOL OVAL 3m90 x 6m20 x H1m46 pine border
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GARDIPOOL OVAL wooden pool 4m60 x 8m10 x H1m33 pine border
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GARDIPOOL OVAL wooden pool 4m60 x 8m10 x H1m46 pine border
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Gardipool pools

6,20x3,90m Height. 1,20 m8m³-
6,20x3,90m Height. 1,33 m8m³-
6,20x3,90m Height. 1,46m8m³to be inserted in-ground at 50 cm
8,10x4,60m Height. 1,33 m12m³-
8,10x4,60m Height. 1,46 m12m³to be inserted in-ground at 50 cm
The GARDIPOOL concept offers you a quality pool that combines practicality to esthetic. Featuring a patented dovetail system, the installation of the pool is completed by stainless steel lag screws, making the structure totally stable.
Without sharp angles, your pool is without danger for swimmers.
The GARDIPOOL OVAL is available in several dimensions

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Materials and treatement

Various views Gardipool
Red pine
Red Pine
The majority of Red Pine is grown in Northern and Eastern Europe. Due to its slow growth, its use is particularly recommended for the use of outdoor furniture and structures in contact with the ground because of its stability and fibres.
Your octagonal GARDIPOOL is made from Red Pine, ensuring structural strength and long life for your pool structure.

Autoclave treatment
An Autoclave treatment entails the use of a pressure chamber to carry out wood impregnation which is non-toxic and environmentally friendly.
Autoclave is renowned as an efficient method to preserve wood from insects, rot, fungus and termites, in use for many years. Ensuring long life and use of your wooden structure.
The structure of the GARDIPOOL octagonal pool benefits from a Class 4 Autoclave treatment specific for outdoor wooden structures in contact with the ground and exposed to humidity.

Composition of your Gardipool oval pool

Structure of the pool

- Structure made from Red Pine, pressurised treatment, 45 mm deep
- Red Pine pool border (Exotic hardwood available on option)
- Stainless steel hardware (lags, screws, brackets, bolts...)
- Supporting angles made from stainless steel
- Wooden vertical concealing slats for metallic profiles
- Lateral and low structural metallic profiles

Pool finish

- 75/100 pale blue liner, 200g/m² underfelt (with anti-bacterial treatment)


- Stainless steel inner ladder
- Red pine outer access ladder


- Adapted pump : 8 and 12 m3/h
- Sand filter with piping and connections

Sealed parts

Skimmer and discharge

Cleaning and maintenance

Brush, vacuum, thermometer, pipe, telescopic shaft, cleaning net


400 micron, blue summer cover

Lag screws
Stainless steel lag screws with bolts, crossing the dovetails vertically. The structure is perfectly assembled.
Dovetail assembly
Dovetail assembly avoids sharp angles and optimises solidity of the wooden structure.

Ladder support
Built-in ladder supports featured on the pool border
facilitating installation of security and winter covers.
Large format skimmer for better filtration.
Thermal cover
Thermal, 400 microns cover supplied with your pool.
Liner 75/100th, pale blue in colour.

Other dimensions are available, contact us


Wooden structure: 10 years against damage caused by insects and rotting of Pine structure which has been treated by a Class IV Autoclave process. This guarantee applies strictly in the context of an Autoclave treatment.
Pool coping: 1 year guarantee against all naturally caused, excessive deformation (such as torsion) and splintering.
Liner : 10 year guarantee (5 years or which are digressive).
Not covered by the guarantee: All damage caused to liner that has been out of water for more than 24 hours.
Filter / pump: 2 years guarantee on sealing of the filtration group. 2 years guarantee on pump
Summer / Winter / Security cover
- 1 year guarantee on the cover’s jointing band solders
- 1 year guarantee on manufacturing faults of pool parts that prevents optimal pool use.

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