Bilbao wooden pool
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BILBAO HEXAGON wooden pool, 4.22x1.24m, filtration 5m³/h
Depth ranging from 1,24 to 1,30m, Class IV "Douglas" pine,
Slats 45mm or 55mm, Double anti-slip border,
Sand filter, Liner 75/100th in blue
Installation above or in-ground
Supporting structure for BILBAO OVAL wooden pool , 5.50x3.50m 1.28m
Ref. 012276
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Supporting structure for BILBAO HEXAGON wooden pool, 4.22x1.24m
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BILBAO OCTAGON wooden pool , 5.20x1.30m , filtration 5m³/h
Ref. 008782
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BILBAO HEXAGON wooden pool, 4.22x1.24m, filtration 5m³/h
Ref. 008781
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2490 €
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BILBAO OVAL wooden pool, 5.50x3.50m 1.28m , filtration 5m³/h
Ref. 008783
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Supporting structure BILBAO OCTAGON wooden pool , 5.20x1.30m
Ref. 012275
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BILBAO OVAL wooden pool , 6.45x4.70m 1.28m , filtration 8m³/h
Ref. 008784
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Supporting structure BILBAO OVAL wooden pool , 6.45x4.70m 1.28m
Ref. 012277
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Red pine
DOUGLAS Pine pool

The BILBAO uses "Douglas" Pine of European origin, sourced from a certified renewable source and resistant to cold outdoor conditions, insects and fungus. These characteristics are conserved with time.

Autoclave treatment
An autoclave treatment entails the use of a pressure chamber to carry out wood impregnation which is non-toxic and environmentally friendly.
In use for several years, the autoclave is renowned as an efficient method to preserve wood from insects, rot, fungus and termites. Ensuring long life and use of your wooden structure.
The structure of your BILBAO pool benefits from an autoclave class 4 treatment specific for outdoor wooden structures in contact with the ground and exposed to humidity. This treatment conforms to health and safety norms.

Available shapes of the BILBAO pool

Bilbao hexagon

Bilbao octagon

Bilbao oval


Advantages of the BILBAO wooden pool :

- Easy installation,
- 45mm or 55mm slats,
- Double anti-slip border,
- Complete kit : 1/4 turn valve allowing the isolation of the various components of your pool (pump, filter...). Liner 75/100th, sole colour, sealing band to be positioned between the 1st range of slats and the concrete screed to protect wooden slats from rising humidity.

The BILBAO wooden pool has been initially designed to be installed in-ground or semi-inground (40cm minimum in depth). If you wish to install your pool above ground you must use the supporting structure that corresponds to your pool.

Maintenance recommendations :

Wood is an organic material. Without treatment, with time, its original colour will change. There are two solutions : Either let the wood age naturally or keep its original colour by using a specific treatment.
Bilbao wooden pool

BILBAO pool features

Inner diameter under pool border3,60m4,60m5,05 x 3,05m6,00 x 4,25m
Outer diameter4,22m5,20m5,50 x 3,50m6,45 x 4,70m
Water volume11m³20m³18m³30m³
Douglas Pine structure, class IV, certified renewable sourceSlats 45mmSlats 45mmSlats 55mmSlats 55mm
Anti-slip borders - Width 29 cm - Depth 4,3 cmYesYesYesYes
Liner 75/100th, blue, hungYesYesYesYes
Sand filtration plate with 1/4 turn valve5m³/h5m³/h5m³/h8m³/h
Anti-rot ground sheet 100g/m²YesYesYesYes
Wooden 4-step outer access ladderYesYesYesYes
Stainless steel 3 step inner ladderYesYesYesYes
Sealing partsYesYesYesYes
Instruction manualYesYesYesYes

Bilbao oval

Bilbao Oval wooden pool
Bilbao octagon
Spacer20Spacer20Bilbao Octagonal

Spacer20Spacer20Spacer20Bilbao equipment

Spacer20Spacer20Spacer20Spacer20Spacer20Details of elements included in the kit


5 digressive years on structure (20% per year)
5 years on filter tank
2 years on liner (only solder points)

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