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Wooden swimming pool STAVANGER octagonal shaped

Wooden swimming pool STAVANGER octagonal shaped
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Key features

Diam. 4,00 m Height 1,20 m6m³Consult us
Diam. 4,20 m Height 1,20 m6m³Consult us
Diam. 4,20 m Height 1,33 m6m³Consult us
Diam. 5,00 m Height 1,20 m8m³Consult us
Diam. 5,00 m Height 1,33 m8m³Consult us
Diam. 6,25 m Height 1,33 m12m³Consult us

Options available

Stairs optional
(exotic wood)

stairs h.120
Consult us
stairs h.133
Consult us
stairs h.146
Consult us
Optional attached technical room
(exotic wood)

110 x 75 x 114(h)
Consult us
110 x 75 x 127(h)
Consult us
110 x 75 x 140(h)
Consult us

ModelOptional top coping (exotic wood)Optional thermal cover (bleu 400 microns)Optional winter cover (green colour)
4,00 mConsult usConsult usConsult us
4,20 mConsult usConsult usConsult us
5,00 mConsult usConsult usConsult us
6,25 mConsult usConsult usConsult us

Optional technical room, separate from the pool
(exotic wood)

125 x 75 x 114(h)
Consult us
Optional Liner and Lighting

Colour Sand Beige Consult us
Mosaic Consult us

Option Pack: Lighting

Flat lighting 100W diameter 28 cm + Waterproof electrical box IP65 with differential circuit-breaker 30mA, clock and transformer
Consult us

Made of grade 4, autoclave treated red pinewood. Self-suporting complete swimming pool kit with filtration unit and ladder.

Key functions

Wooden swimming pool kit composition

Red pinewood structure, treated under pressure, thickness 45 mm
Extra thick pool borders are clipped on top of the basic structure (exotic wood optional)
Wooden external stairs in treated red pinewood (exotic wood optional)
Stainless steel interior ladder
Stainless steel ironmongery (rods, screws, brackets, bolts,...)
Antibacterial treated pre-cut underfelt.
Liner 75/100, colour opal blue
Sand filter (with sand and gravel) flow 6/9/12 m3 per hour (depending on models)
Adapted power pump
Accessories included (pipework, unions + valves, skimmer, return inlet... )
Maintenance kit and water treatment products
Wooden oval shaped swimming pool kits come with metal bracing.

3 installation possibilities

You may install your wooden swimming pool Stavanger in three different ways:


Patented system of dovetail joints, avoiding protruding angles and optimising wood structure solidity.

The joints are reinforced by a stainless steel threaded bar with a nut which allows you to tighten the frame. The structure is perfectly well interlocked.

Accessories and options

Winter cover green colour

Winter cover allows you to keep your pool water clean over the wintertime. It keeps safe your pets from falling into water.

Blue summer cover 400 microns

Always fit a cover on your pool. They reduce heat loss substantially and keep pool water warm for a long time.

Technical room

This technical room made of exotic wood matches perfectly your wooden swimming pool. It is especially designed and sized for all the equipment needed (pump, filter, …)

Exotic wood ladder

Exotic wood ladder Abatik is of great quality: solidity, longevity and aesthetics !

Exotic wood coping

Designed in very resistant wood, the top coping integrates harmoniously into the base structure.

Technical room, separate from the pool

This technical room is equipped with a padlock and a spring hinge.

Your wooden swimming pool assembling stages

Build a concrete slab and install the underfelt
plane et pose du feutre

Assemble the wood beams

Mount the Skimmer

Install the liner

Put in the stainless steel ladder

Install the technical room and the filtration unit (optional)

Set up the wood beams and angle stainless steel threaded rods

Install the return inlet

Install the top coping

Install the wooden stairs

Mount the filtration unit


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