Aquacal superquiet SQ155
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AQUACAL SuperQuiet SQ155 heat pump - 33,1 kw three-phase
EUR 6050.00
Heat pump with capacity of 33,1 kW for pools up to 220m3,
Titanium exchanger, very low noise level
  • Maximum pool volume 220 m3
  • Three-phase
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Aquacal superquiet SQ 155
Heat pump specifically designed for swimming pools, imperative outdoor installation in proximity to the technical house.
Operational with ambient temperature up to 4,5° C.
Titanium exchanger with a lifetime guarantee.
Super quiet
The SuperQuiet heat pumps are the top of the range product with the brand AQUACAL. This series punctuates a new standard in operation and performance, distinguishing itself from previous models by its very low noise level and reduced weight.

- Very low noise level
- Titanium water condenser with a lifetime guarantee against corrosion using Thermolink technology.
- Conforms to European norms
- Cooling liquid R410A
- Very quiet Scroll rotary compressor. Manometer to regulate water flow.
- Digital control thermostat with start/stop and warning light
- Microprocessor management, time and auto-diagnosis function settings.
- ABS bodywork
- Three-phase electrical supply
A new control panel allows you to program the principal settings of the heat pump. Using it's digital thermostat and water flow manometer, you can perfectly manage the temperature of your pool. Equipped with a flow switch, the heat pump automatically stops with the filter pump.
Using the reversible setting, you can cool your pool when the outdoor temperature is uncomfortably too high.

Maximum volume
Rendered power *
33,1 kW
Input power*
Required power supply
400 V
Maximal amperage
16,5 A
Recommended fuse
25 A
Minimal operational temperature
+ 4,5°c
Cooling liquid
R410 A
Minimum flow
6,8 m3/H
Maximum flow
15,9 m3/H
Net weight of pump
154 Kg
Pump dimensions (Lxwxh) in cm
Total weight with packaging
159 Kg
Dimensions of pump with packaging (Lxwxh) in cm
55dB at 3m

*Based on private pool with cover between May and September, ambient air at 26° C
** Coefficient of performance = Rendered power / Input power

Thermolink exchangerTitanium exchanger using "Thermolink" technology
Curve chart Aquacal SQ155Rendering curve chart AQUACAL SQ 155

Titanium exchanger using "Thermolink" technology :
- This dual circulation creates a greater rendering power, guaranteeing the best COP
- Offers excellent sustainability without sacrificing performance and efficiency
- Guides the water flow and gas R410A in opposite directions. This conception ensures a maximal transfer of calories by means of an important differential of temperature, minimising friction loss for a total compatibility with the global hydraulic schema.
- Easy winterizing by means of a simple valve
- Lifetime guarantee

Installation schema

Hydraulic piping PVC Ø 63 using a by-pass on the filter circuit ; two threaded PVC connectors 1/2 Ø 63 supplied

Schema SQ155
1. Heat pump
2. Pool pump
3. Pool filter
4. Suction
5. Discharge nozzles
6. Condensation outlet
7. Hot air inlet
8. Cold air outlet
9. Power supply


U Connect
Schema U connect

The U-Connect connection kit allows you to link your heat pump to your pool without labor or tools. This fast installation does not require a supplementary power supply and avoids the need for a by-pass. You simply connect the two supplied pipes to your Aquacal Superquiet SQ 155 heat pump, and join them to the portable U-Connect unit. Complete with self-priming action, the U-Connect unit remains independent from your pool filtering system. You can enjoy hot water, faster without loosing heat through a piping system which is often the case in a classic configuration.


lifetime guarantee on exchanger
2 years on all other parts

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