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Barrel traditional steam sauna

Barrel sauna
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Ref. Abatik 007468
Ref. Provider 4 ft Barrel
Regular Barrel sauna 185x125 cm made from Cedar wood
Traditional steam sauna
Made from Cedarwood
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Regular Barrel sauna 185x125 cm made from Cedar wood
Ref. Abatik 007468 Ref. Provider 4 ft Barrel
EUR 5655
5655 €
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Barrel Cedar sauna length 185 cm
Ref. Abatik 007469 Ref. Provider 6 ft Barrel
EUR 6059
6059 €
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Barrel Cedar sauna length 245 cm
Ref. Abatik 007470 Ref. Provider 8 ft Barrel
EUR 7990
7990 €
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True to the Finnish culture, the Barrel sauna can be positioned indoors or outdoors.
Front and back panels are pre assembled and allow a fast installation.
Sauna design uses the barrel construction technique because this shape requires fewer calories, time and energy to heat the sauna.
This sauna is exclusively made from Occidental Class A Red Cedar wood, creating a Nordic atmosphere during your moment of relaxation.
This species of wood naturally perfumes the sauna, enhancing the sensorial aspect of your session.
The base of the sauna has an anti-rot treatment to protect from weather conditions.
Integrated ventilation system conserves only a low humidity rate allowing a fast temperature rise when pre heating the sauna.
Door Barrel sauna
The tempered glass door provides excellent thermal insulation, therefore, making energy savings and heightened user comfort without the risk of being burned.
Barrel sauna in situ
The Barrel sauna's design integrates harmoniously into your garden or the interior of your home.
Barrel sauna
Fully enjoy the sensation of total relaxation during and after your sauna session. The Barrel will fulfil your expectations with the excellence of construction materials and ease of use.

Reinforcing sections Barrel sauna
Reinforcing sections are screwed to sauna panels to ensure a long lifespan.
Finish Barral sauna
34 mm deep Cedar wood slats have an anti-stain treatment. The structure is circled with stainless steel reinforcement bands.

Barrel sauna

Each sauna is supplied with :
- 1 wall thermometer.
- 1 inside lamp.
- 1 Cedar bucket with polyethylene lining.
- 1 Cedarwood ladle.
- 1 20 Kg of sauna stones.

Technical characteristics

Schema Barrel sauna
ModelDiameterLengthDepth of slatsWeightElectric stove
Barrel 125185 cm125 cm34 mm360 Kg4,5 kW
Barrel 185185 cm185 cm34 mm400 Kg9 kW
Barrel 245185 cm245 cm34 mm430 Kg9 kW

1- Glazed door
2- Bench
3- Electric stove

Details Barrel sauna

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