DANTHERM CDP 40 built-in dehumidifier

DANTHERM CDP 40 built-in dehumidifier
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Ref. Abatik 023549
Ref. Provider CDP 40T
DANTHERM CDP 40 T standard built in dehumidifier
Built-in dehumidifier perfect for indoor pools with a maximum surface area of 20m²
Capacity 1,9 l/hour
Integrated hygrostat,
Available with integrated heater,
Remote control on option
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DANTHERM CDP 40 T standard built in dehumidifier
Ref. Abatik 023549 Ref. Provider CDP 40T
EUR 4590
4590 €
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DANTHERM CDP 40 T built in dehumidifier with hot water battery
Ref. Abatik 023555 Ref. Provider CDP 40T+094333
EUR 5300
5300 €
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DANTHERM CDP 40 T built-in dehumidifier with heater
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Wall crossing kit + aluminium grills for DANTHERM CDP 40 T built-in dehumidifier
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DRC 1 remote control for DANTHERM CDP
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The CDP has been specifically developed for spas, hammams, verandas, libraries, museums and sports facilities. In brief, this unit is suitable for any environment which requires precise humidity control.

Humidity present in the ambient air is suctioned by the ventilator which is integrated into the dehumidifier. Air which passes through the evaporator is cooled to below condensation point, water vapour is then condensed and evacuated. Dry air passes on the condenser, is heated and then is sent into the ambient atmosphere.
Following dehumidification treatment, ambient air temperature gains approximately 5°C.
The dehumidifier is entirely automatic. Very quiet to run and controlled by an integrated hygrostat. A digital control panel clearly shows operational modes. Easy to maintain, just lift off the front panel to clean the air filter.
Operational schema dehumidifier

DANTHERM CDP 40 built in dehumidifier

Remote control

(on option)
The CDP can be equipped with a wireless remote that indicates the humidity rate and temperature of the room.
The DRC1 distance control unit features an "installation mode" that can regulate heating system temperature and evacuating ventilation. It is also possible to connect the distance control unit to the CDP dehumidifier printed circuit board.
If the model you have chosen has featured heating, the ventilator automatically starts when the heater starts.
The distance control can be "locked" to avoid any unwanted modification to your settings.
Remote control for Dantherm CDP dehumidifiers

The Dantherm CDP 40 built-in unit is installed next to the room that requires dehumidification. Ambient ventilation is fed through using a wall crossing that operates using a ventilation suction and a ventilation discharge grill. The heater that can be incorporated optionally by choosing the hot water battery or heater models. This can control the humidity rate of indoor pools by dehumidifying on a closed circuit.

A passive defrosting system is integrated into the electronic control. A sensor situated on the unit's evaporator ensures defrosting only when required. When in defrost mode, the compressor stops and the ventilator sends ambient air onto the evaporator, which is, in turn, defrosted.
The CDP 40 operates automatically by electronic control and incorporated hygrostat. The hygrostat is factory set to a relative humidity rate of approximately 60%.
The digital control panel indicates various unit status:
1.The unit is connected to its power source
2. Dehumidification - the compressor is in operation
3. Cooling circuit error - the dehumidifier is not in operation
4. The heating battery is connected (for models which feature hot water battery)
DANTHERM CDP 40 built in dehumidifier control pictograms


CDP 40 built-in
Air flow
Power supply
230 V (L+N)
Power capacity
0,9 kW
3,8 A
Dehumidification at 30°C - 80% H.R.
46 L/day
Dehumidification at 28°C - 60% H.R.
34 L/day
Dehumidification at 20°C - 60% H.R.
18 L/day
Decibels at 1m
46 dBa
Cooling liquid
Quantity of gas
0,7 kg
Index of protection
(1) Hot water battery option (kW)
Heater option (kW)

(1) Information based on primary circuit water temperature at 80/60°. Ambient air 28°, relative humidity rate 60%.

Operational limits

Ambient temperature
10 - 36 °C
Ambient humidity rate
40 - 100 % H.R.

Dimensions and weight

Depth x height x width
304 x 700 x 998 mm
57,5 Kgs

Front panel dimensions DANTHERM CDP 40 built in dehumidifier
Back panel dimensions DANTHERM CDP 40 built in dehumidifier

Dimensions of grills and wall crossing

/ (mm)465998642

Dimensions suction and discharge grills Dantherm CDP 40 built in


High quality product
Bodywork made from galvanised steel, painted on inner and outer surfaces.
Discreet installation
Aluminium ducts and grills for enhanced, discreet installation.
Low energy consumption
Rotary compressor and radial ventilator.
Very quiet in operation
43 decibels measured at 1 meter from the dehumidifier.

Examples of installation

DANTHERM CDP 40 built in dehumidifier
DANTHERM CDP 40 built in dehumidifier
DANTHERM CDP 40 built in dehumidifier


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