DEEPEO immersed pool shutter

Deepeo immersed pool shutter
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DEEPEO 3x3m motorised immersed shutter with limit management
EUR 6950.00
Motor contained in the axis, electronic limit management,
Ideal for renovation and construction of pools with maximum dimensions 8 x 15m + stairs
Slatted flooring made from exotic hardwood
  • Complies with standard NF P 90-308
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Dimensions of the pool in meters
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3m x 3m
6000 €
6m x 3m
6769 €
8m x 4m
7349 €
10m x 5m
8634 €
12m x 6m
11547 €
14m x 7m
14785 €
15m x 8m
16518 €

*Prices including VAT with white slats, wooden slatted flooring, beam to be sealed, without separation section, dispatch from manufacturer
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Discretion and elegance, to enhance the beauty of your pool area.

Discreet, esthetic and easy to use, the DEEPEO offers the security of your pool and preserves the quality of your pool water. Conform to the norm NF P 90-308*.
The immersed shutter is installed at one end of your pool and unrolls automatically over the pool water surface by means of the motor integrated into its axis.

*on the condition the shutter is installed in total respect of the given instructions.
Deepeo in situation
Deepeo featuring stair cut

The DEEPEO immersed automatic shutter integrates perfectly your pools universe and offers the following advantages:
- Secures
your pool, by covering the waters surface, reducing falling risk for animals and children.
- Preserves
Water cleanliness by limiting dead leaves, vegetal debris and other sources of pollution.
- Limits
The shutters opaque slats help to prevent photosynthesis and algae development.
- Reduces
Water evaporation and heat loss maintaining water temperature.
- Makes
Savings, if you heat your pool water, the shutter helps to maintain the temperature.
- Esthetic
Perfectly integrating into your pool environment, the DEEPEO adds to your pool esthetic.

Composition of the DEEPEO immersed shutter

The DEEPEO immersed shutter is composed of:
Deepeo schema
-1 Fixation plate
-2 Immersed electric tubular motor with adjustable limit management
-3 Anodised aluminium axis 20 microns
-4 Opaque PVC slats
-5 Shutter cover security kit
-6 Aluminium beam
-7 Hardwood slatted flooring

-1: Fixation plate

The axis support of the DEEPEO is equipped with two white composite fixation plates to be anchored to each opposing side of your pool.
The plates are 12 mm thick and offer excellent resistance.
The plate situated on the motor side features an opening in which the low tension electrical cable can be passed.
The plates are delivered with their drilling template.
Specific plates for fibreglass shell pools are available on option.
For pool under construction or under renovation, plates to be fixed on the pool border are available.
Fixation plate DeepeoWall fixation plate
Optional fixation plate DeepeoFixation on pool wall (optional)

-2: Immersed tubular motor with adjustable limit management

The DEEPEO shutter is equipped with a low voltage immersed electrical motor with adjustable limit management.
The motor is linked to the electrical command via a junction box.
The opening and closing of the shutter are effectuated by the use of a wired command controlled by key.
If you use a salt treatment system, the electrical box is equally equipped with a salt production management system. This system sends a signal to the salt electrolyser (on the condition the salt electrolyser is compatible with this system), situating if the shutter is open or closed, regulating chlorine production.
Tubular motor Deepeo

Electrical installation

The electrical distribution box should be installed in the technical shelter (1) respecting the norm C15-100.

2 wired cabling is required (2) :

- 2 x 4mm² if the cable is less than 16m from the pool
- 2 x 6mm² if the cable is more than 16m from the pool (3).
Cable schema SIGMA

The electrical installation must be made in respect of the norm C15-100.
- The distribution box must be installed in a dry, aired shelter with stable ambient temperature. The electrical installation requires a 10A protection and 30mA circuit breaker.

- All cable connections are made in sealed junction boxes that are accessible and above volume 0 of the pool.
Security volumes

Cabling from the shutter's distribution box to the mechanical system of the axis :

Shutter modelDistance from the technical shelter to the poolRequired cable sectionLimit management sensorsCommand
Deepeo< 16m2 x 4mm²already connectedalready connected
Deepeo< 25m2 x 6mm²already connectedalready connected

Cabling schema Deepeo
-1 Power supply 230V
-2 Electrical distribution box.
-3 Key command
-4 Connection box
-5 Tubular motor

Installation schema connection box
maximum rayon of installation for connection box

Precautions relative to the disinfection treatment for your pool:

- Earth the pool and all its equipment to evacuate any stray currents that accentuate the phenomena of oxidisation on metallic parts (inox 316, Anodized 6060 aluminium, beckryzing lacquer).

- The multiplication of water treatment leading to the non-respect of water equilibrium is not covered in the conditions of guarantee and in this case, the manufacturer does not accept responsibility for any degradation or damage to the product.
In the case of the use of a water treatment unit that produces an electrochemical reaction that accelerates metal corrosion, it is important to take all precautions to avoid and limit negative effects.

In general, it must be kept in mind that the need of an oxidising agent is reduced between 75 and 90% between an open and closed pool shutter. An electrical distribution box can be adapted to communicate the position of the shutter (open or closed) to the water treatment unit.

-3: Axis and dimensioning of technical duct of the Deepeo immersed shutter

The Deepeo immersed shutter is delivered with an axis made from anodised aluminium.
The anodising process creates a protective cover on the aluminium. This procedure offers excellent chemical resistance for the axis, ensuring perfect performance in an aquatic environment. Used for over 50 years, this treatment benefits from has been proved to protect and lengthen the lifespan of your axis.

Depending on the pools dimensions, the diameter of the axis can vary between 140 and 180 mm. The surface of your shutter (length X width) will determine the dimensions of the technical duct.

Schema depicting a built storage section of your DEEPEO immersed shutterSchema depicting a built storage section of your DEEPEO immersed shutter
Schema depicting a separating wall of your DEEPEO immersed shutterSchema depicting a separating wall of your DEEPEO immersed shutter
Inner dimensions of your storage section depending on the length of your poolInner dimensions of your storage section depending on the length of your pool

-4: PVC shutter slats

The slats of the shutter conform to the norm NF P90-308.
The opacity of the slats reduces the phenomenon of photosynthesis and avoids the apparition of algae.

Each slat includes in its composition air compartments that limit the water temperature loss.

The slats are closed on either side with stuck plugs to ensure a watertight and buoyant compartment.

Removable fins have standard dimensions of 25mm (Std) ensuring a smooth finish to each slat. They can be replaced by models with varying size : 15mm (S) or 35mm (XL).

This exclusive patent allows an easy to accomplish "sliding" assembly, resulting in a strong, well-maintained shutter body.
Detail perseo slats
Cap detail Perseo manual

PVC Calcium/zinc
Anti-stain and anti-UV
Width of slats
Depth of slats
White. Sand or grey available on option
3 years
Stair cuts
Quote on request, square or shaped finition
Available colours perseo solar

Assembly of shutter slats

The assembly of the body is carried out :

- either by clips

To clip one slat to the other, begin by engaging the male fixture on the left-hand slat into the female fixture on the right-hand slat (fig.1 et fig.2).

Repeat an oscillating movement till the slats click together (fig.3 et fig.4).

Assembly method slats

- or by sliding

To attach the slats by sliding, just remove the plugs and slide the slats together.

Sliding assembly method

This patented assembly system :
- allows an easily assembled shutter body, especially for extra length slats,
- limits tedious manipulation,
- easy access to repair a damaged slat.

When you place your order, ask that one plug out of three is not pre-fixed to the slat, gaining installation time.

Stair cuts

When the shutter is positioned on the width of the pool it can be adapted to different pool stair shapes : rectangular (1), trapeze (2), roman (3), semi-circular (4) or free-form (5) (following consultation with us).

Stair shapes

All stair cuts are optional.

The skis

Small skis are positioned under the two last slats and allow the shutter body to correctly function on the water surface and ensure orientation.

The fixation holes are pre-drilled by the manufacturer.
Skis Deepeo

-5: Kit to secure your shutter cover

The Deepeo immersed shutter cover is equipped with an anti-lifting system that conforms to the norm NF P90-308. This system is composed of ABS flanges + Straps + wall anchoring brackets to be anchored to the pool wall or border.
Security system Deepeo
The number of anti-lifting devices needed depends on the width of the pool.

Width of pool
Number of anti-lifting devices
Up to three metres
From 3,01 to 5 metres
From 5,01 to 7 metres
From 7,01 to 8 metres
Three colours are available : White, beige or grey.
Pushlock colours

Three models are available, depending on the pool structure :

fixed on pool wall with screw plugs for concrete, concrete blocks, fibreglass (with concrete belt) or any other type of pool with a minimum thickness of 8mm.

Screw version
sealed on pool wall (on option) for concrete pools under construction.

Sealed pushlock
Cavalier version (on option) for concrete, galvanised panel, polyethene panels and fibreglass pools.

Caviler pushlock

Locking system Perseo

When you close the shutter, the trigger clips into the support.

Unlocking system

To open, just push the button, lifting the trigger simultaneously to free the shutter before rolling it on its axis.

-6: Beams and beam support

The beam is the support for the slatted flooring. The shutter is delivered with a lacquered aluminium beam, available in white, beige or grey.
Beams and beam supports Deepeo
Two sections are available : L100 x H120mm (A) ou L100 x H100mm (B).
These beams are available in white, for any length and in beige and grey up to 6,90 metres.
The beam is delivered with two supports, 4 types exist to meet your specific needs :
- (C) Sealed supports (for pools under construction)
- (D) Adjustable bracket supports (construction and renovation projects)
- (E) Flat adjustable bracket supports (construction and renovation projects)
- (F) Wall anchored supports (construction and renovation projects)
These boxes are available in white, beige and grey.

To determine the right beam for you, you should effectuate your choice depending on the water level of your pool water and the height of your pool surround (ref table below:)
Choose your beam dimensions

Anti-flexion support

In the case of upper beams installed in pools measuring more than 5,10 m in width, a telescopic intermediary support is required.
This support is generally positioned in the middle of the pools width and dispatches the weight of the beam to limit flexion.
The DEEPEO immersed shutter is automatically supplied with an intermediary support for the above-mentioned pools.
Deepeo support beam

Separation wall

- The technical duct is imperative to avoid all unwanted contact with the shutters axis and slats. The walls must be vertical and parallel, angled at 90°.

- The width of the technical duct needs to accommodate the rotation of the rolling slatted cover and its depth should accommodate the movement of counterbalance.

There are two types of technical duct : a purpose built duct constructed when the pool is built (schema 1) or a PVC separating wall (schema 2).
Schema separating walls Deepeo

The separating wall of the DEEPEO immersed shutter offers several advantages :

The separating wall is made depending on the profile of your pool floor ( flat, sloped or diving pool...)
The separating wall is supplied pre-assembled to facilitate installation. It can be installed without removal of your pool border.
The separating wall is made from white PVC panels, 40mm thick, ensuring excellent resistance to corrosion, chemical treatment products and UV
Harmonising with your shutter, the separating wall is available in white, beige or grey.
Frame is made in an ergonomic profile made from fibre glass reinforced composite.

These separating walls are available in white in any dimensions and Beige or Grey up to 6,90 metres.
Deepeo separating wall

Fitting the separating wall

Installation separating wall
-1/2 Position and install the support plates for the shutters beam and wall
-3 Slide the separating wall into place in the pool.
-4 Align the wall to the plates
-5 anchor the wall to the plates

-7: Handroanthus wood slatted flooring

The slatted flooring protects access to your immersed cover, creating an access to the pool offering an esthetic finish to the technical duct.

High-quality finish :

Made from Handroanthus wood, the slatted flooring of the Deepeo presents several advantages.
-Class 4 wood :Sélectioned for its high resistance to humidity.
-Resistance to deformation : slats 23mm thick
-Conforms to the norm NF P 90-308 - minimum effort to remove the slatted floor sections : Poids 22kg/section
-Esthetic result : Wood used for outdoor furnishings and the creation of boat decks.

The slatted flooring of the Deepeo has standard dimensions of 1,00m X 0,90m, made to take into account your pool dimensions.

The slatted flooring is placed on the beam and under the pool border (if the border is situated at least 50mm behind the edge of the pool border or a bracket is fitted).
Slatted floor Deepeo
Deepeo slatted flooring

Packaging and transport of your shutter

Packaging and transport Deepeo
2 persons are required to reception the material and lifting equipment adapted to carry the required weights.
All merchandise must be checked in the presence of the transporter.
Check all transport documents to ensure the merchandise presented is the correct delivery.

Nota : if you wish to use your immersed shutter as an element of security, be attentive that it conforms to the norm NF P90-308.
Deepeo white
Deepeo beige
Deepeo grey


3 years on motor and slats
2 years on axis

Photos non-contractual
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