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Hayward Progrid diatomaceous earth filter

Hayward Progrid diatomaceous earth filter
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Ref. Abatik 000203
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Hayward Progrid DE2420, diatomaceous earth filter 11 m³/h
Filtering capacity 1 to 3 microns,
New manual purge,
6-way side valve.
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Hayward Progrid DE2420, diatomaceous earth filter 11 m³/h
Ref. Abatik 000203 Ref. Provider FD11
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1180 €
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Hayward Progrid DE3620, diatomaceous earth filter 16 m³/h
Ref. Abatik 002036 Ref. Provider FD16
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Hayward Progrid DE4820, diatomaceous earth filter 22 m³/h
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Hayward Progrid DE6020, diatomaceous earth filter 27 m³/h
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Hayward Progrid DE7220, diatomaceous earth filter 33 m³/h
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Diatomites recharge 4,5 kg
Ref. Abatik 007381 Ref. Provider 49372
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The Hayward Pro-Grid offers a filtering capacity of incomparable quality (1 to 3 microns, sand filters range between 40 to 50 microns) with a large capacity of pool cleansing whatever the dimensions of your pool. This filters tank is injected with Permaglass XL (reinforced with glass-fiber) offering the best in quality and long lifespan. The Pro-Grid is the result of high-technology that is user-friendly for everyday use (sealed, one piece tightening collar).

How does a diatomaceous earth filter work:
The filter is constituted of a tank in which the filtering module is placed. This module is composed of several filtering elements named "frames". The frames are made from a resin. A synthetic fabric is stretched over the frame. These frames maximise the filtration area and offer longer intervals between cleaning.
The diatomaceous powder will be placed on the fabric of the "frames" and will constitute the filtering medium.
Diatomites are fossilised skeletal remains of microscopic aquatic plants called diatoms, covered in porous, silica envelopes.
A group of these vegetal "skeletons" form a fine white powder, comparable to plaster. This is the substance used for filtration.
During backwash, the residue of the Diatomites will be ejected, indicating a recharge is required from time to time.
Warning : Because Diatomites are prone to clogging, the residue of these filters should not be evacuated towards a soak-pit.

Water quality is a main concern for all pool owners. The Pro-Grid is a sure choice.
Hayward Progrid diatomaceous earth filter

Main features of the Hayward Progrid filters

- Permaglass XLTM tank, resistant to corrosion even in the most difficult working conditions
- New manual purge and emptying cap
- Full collar
- 6-way side valve
- 10 years warranty on the tank and 1 year on other parts

Dimensions of the Hayward Progrid filters

Dimensions Hayward Progrid diatomaceous earth filter
Dimensions of the Hayward Progrid filters (mm)

Progrid filtersabcd

Algaecides composed of quaternary ammonium , PHMB or flocculent polymers are not compatible with D.E. filters.

Description Hayward Progrid filter

Ref. Water flowInlet/OutletSurface filteredWeightD.E. refill in kg
DE242011 m3/h1” 1/22,20 m225 kg1,3 kg
DE362016 m3/h1” 1/23,30 m230 kg2 kg
DE482022 m3/h2”4,45 m234 kg2,7 kg
DE602027 m3/h2”5,50 m237 kg3,4 kg
DE722033 m3/h2”6,60 m243 kg4 kg

Description of the Hayward Progrid D.E. filters

1. New manual air purge evacuates trapped air
2. High-Strength Filter Tank made of Permaglass XL reinforced with glass-fiber, resistant to corrosion, chemical and salt treatments
3. Filtering module designed for optimal filtration and backwash
4. Monobloc tightening collar securely fastens top and bottom sections of the tank together and allows access without having to disassemble the valve.
5. Noryl valve fittings, resistant and stable in high temperatures
6. Bent entry diffuser distributes water coming from the pool evenly throughout the filter elements
7. 1”1/2 integrated purge provides fast and clean emptying of the tank


10 years on tank
2 years on accessories

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