Flovil flocculant : Clarifies your pool water

Flovil flocculant for pools
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FLOVIL flocculant for pools, 9 tablet pack
Betters your filtration capacity by 5 microns,
For clean, clear water,
Odourless, fast acting
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FLOVIL flocculant for pools, 9 tablet pack
Ref. Abatik 017798 Ref. Provider 62929
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11.90 €
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FLOVIL flocculant for pools, 2 sheets of 9 tablets
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Flovil quickly and efficiently clarifies your pool water.

How do I use a flocculant in my pool water ?

Flovil tablets are placed in skimmer baskets. Impurities such as earth, dust, leaves and other diverse debris are regrouped by electrostatic attraction and progressively agglomerate without your intervention.

Flovil is an ultra concentrated clarifier and allows the pool filter to retain dirt and debris as they are amalgamated.
Your pool water rapidly becomes clear and transparent.

Flovil clarifies your pool water


Flovil, unlike most flocculants, is compatible with all filter types : sand, cartridge, diatomaceous earth.
The tablets are compatible with all types of pools and water treatment systems, including chlorine.

Numerous advantages

- Bettered filtration capacity of your pool filter : up to 5 microns.

- Flocculation has a clarifying effect : your pool water is free from microparticles suspended in water, including microalgae.

- This product allows you to reduce the use of disinfection products. You save money and reduce the risk of allergies and skin reactions.

- Reduces filtration time by up to 50% as the filter is more performant.

- You can swim with peace of mind while the product activates. En effet, Odourless, fast acting, without discomfort for pool users.


Frequency of use

For pools up to 80 m3, on average, one tablet per week is required. For pools with a larger volume, two tablets per week are required.

Exceptional dosage: Following winterizing, heavy rainfall or in the case that your pool water has "turned" three tablets can be used.

Precautions for use

Thoroughly rinse hands after contact with FLOVIL tablets and keep out of the reach of children.

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