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Hayward powerline
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Hayward PowerLine heat pump 6 kW
Reversible heat pumps for pools,
Automatic defrost, titanium exchanger,
Compatible with salt electrolysis
  • Single-phase
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Hayward PowerLine heat pump 6 kW
Ref. 000375
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Hayward PowerLine heat pump 8 kW
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HAYWARD Powerline heatpumps in detail

Hayward proves their experience and innovative technology in the design of the Powerline heat pump for pools, that enables you to enjoy and lengthen your pool season while making energy savings.
Absorbing the calories present in the ambient air, the Powerline heat pump restitutes its power output using a clever titanium exchanger that is compatible with all pool water treatments such as, chlorine, salt or bromine.
Hayward Powerline heat pump for pools is ecologic and economic.
Hayward powerline


Titanium exchanger

Unalterable, this titanium exchanger it is compatible with all chemicals commonly used for the treatment of swimming pool water
Compatible with salt electrolysis.
Double flow system optimising heat transfer.

Reversible function

The heat pump allows a possible cooling of water using to reversible feature


Galvanised steel chassis, combining long lifespan and resistance in corrosive climates.
Black PVC bodywork, optimising the performance of the heat pump by absorbing heat produced by sun rays.

Quiet running

The Hayward Powerline pool heat pump is very quietly run by means of a large surface used for the suction of air. Ample air circulation ensures quiet running in operation.

Rotary compressor

Offering high performance and good COP.

Easy maintenance

This heat pump's design ensures simplified maintenance :
- Shrader valves both high and low pressure for gas recharges.
- Winterizing valve.
- External winterizing box for easy electrical connection.


Automatic defrost function, avoiding frost damage.
Control panel
Control panel
The digital control panel is clear and practical, fixed to the right-hand side of the heat pump.
You can :
- Set the desired temperature of the pool water from 16°C to 32°C.
- Know the temperature of your pool water immediately.
- See the running time of the compressor when in operation.
- Know the defrosting time required.
- Know the temperature of ambient air

Performance of the Powerline heat pump

Performances of the powerline heatpump
Models6 kW single-phase8,8 kW single-phase11 kW single-phase
Maximum volume of water40m350m375m3
Power supply230 V - 50 Hz230 V - 50 Hz230 V - 50 Hz
Plumbing connection50 mm50 mm50 mm
Noise level at 1 m47 dB(A)51 dB(A)54 dB(A)
Power input*1,2 kW1,9 kW2,3 kW
Power output*6 kW8,8 kW11 kW
Cooling capacity3,2 kW5,5 kW7,5 kW
Minimum waterflow(m3/h)2,334,5
Cooling liquidEcological R 410 CEcological R 410 CEcological R 410 C
Dimensions in mm (AxBxC)855x415x6501000x415x6501000x415x650
Net weight (kg)49 kg57 kg65 kg
Fan strength50 W120 W120 W
Rotation speed of fan770 rpm850 rpm850 rpm

* air at 24°c, water at 27°c (data provided by manufacturer)
COP = power input/power output

PowerLine heat pump connection to pool:

Installation schema.

OPTION: U-CONNECT connection kit

U connect in situation
Schema u connect

TheU-Connect connection kit allows you to link a heat pump to your pool without labor, plumbing or tools. This quick installation does not require a supplementry power supply and avoids all need of a by pass. Just connect the two supplied pipes to your Hayward Powerline heat pump, and join them to your U-Connect heat pump. Self priming, the U-Connect stays independent from your filtration system. You get hot water, faster, without loosing heat through piping as is often the case in classic configurations.


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