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caliente black edition
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Heat pump CALIENTE 60 BLACK EDITION 4S WIFI - 6,5 kw
EUR 690.00
Discover the Caliente heat pump for pools up to 30 m³,
compact with low noise level when in operation,
operational during the 4 seasons up to -10°C maximum,
compatible with salt water treatment,
- Hot/cold reversible option with auto-mode
- Ranges down to -10°C
- Control panel with WIFI
  • Single-phase
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Heating capacity

Information: The performance chart below supposes the use of a thermal cover. If your pool is not equipped with one, our team of advisors will help you select the model adapted to your specific configuration and needs.

Heating capacity with an ambient temperature of 27°C, water temperature 24°C, humidity rate 70%
Caliente 60 Black Edition 4S
Output energy (KW)
Input energy (KW)
COP (coefficient of performance)

Heating capacity with an ambient temperature of 15°C, water temperature 24°C, humidity rate 70%
Caliente 60 Black Edition 4S
Output energy (KW)
Input energy (KW)
COP (coefficient of performance)

Heating capacity with an ambient temperature of -10°C, water temperature 24°C, humidity rate 60%
Caliente 60 Black Edition 4S
Output energy (KW)
Input energy (KW)
COP (coefficient of performance)

Technical features

Caliente 60 Black Edition 4S
Recommended volume of pool*
30 m³
Voltage (V)
Input energy (A)
Recommended fuse
Piping diameter (mm)
Advised water flow (m³/h)
Air purge
Titanium corps PVC
Noise level at 1m (dbA)
Noise level at 10m (dbA)
Cooling liquid recharge R32 (Kg)
Dimensions of heat pump(Lxbxh in mm)
950 x 350 x 550
Net weight heat pump(Kg)
Packed dimensions (Lxwxh in mm)
1170 x 380 x 680
Packed weight (Kg)

*Estimated average figures for a private pool equipped with an isotherm cover between the 15 May and the 15 September.

CALIENTE BLACK EDITION 4S heat pump in detail

Discover the range of CALIENTE BLACK EDITION 4S heat pumps, the ideal solution to heat your pool water throughout the year.

The integrated defrosting system is designed to work at a negative outdoor temperature of -10°C maximum and so can be used during the winter.

Boasting a very low noise level in operation, using HITACHI rotary compressors.

Replying to environmental constraints, R32 cooling gas is used. The featured titanium exchanger allows the CALIENTE BLACK EDITION 4S to be compatible with all water treatments, including salt.

Digital control panel ensures easy regulation of the heating system.

Heat pump caliente black edition
Heat pump caliente 170 black edition

How does it work?

The principle of a heat pump is to use the calories contained in the ambient air to heat your pool water. The fan draws in outside air which then passes through the evaporator.

By means of the compressors action and the cooling gas circuit (R32), calories present in the ambient air are collected by the heat pumps evaporator. These calories are then transferred via the exchanger to the pool's hydraulic circuit.

Operation heat pump

A heat pump extends the duration of your swimming season, allowing your pool to be heated all year round* with minimum energy consumption.


High performance

If you compare the use of a CALIENTE heat pump to a regular electrical heating system you can economise up to 80% of energy.

Instructions for use

Easy to put into use: switch on and set the desired temperature for your pool water.

Each CALIENTE heat pump is equipped with a control unit featuring a digital display.
Control unit caliente

The Coefficient of Performance (C.O.P)

The COP or Coefficient of Performance represents the pumps energy performance when in "heat" mode. Reflecting the relationship between the energy produced (or heat produced) and energy used to operate the pump.

Example: A heat pump with a C.O.P of 5 uses 1 KW of electricity and renders 5 KW of heat. This apparatus will produce 5 times more energy than it consumes.

The higher the COP, the more performant the machine is and your electricity bill will be reduced in comparison to the use of a classic heating system.

Where should I install my heat pump?

Choosing the right place

- Choose an outdoor space

- The area should have a good air circulation with no obstacles.

- The heat pump needs to be on a flat, stable surface. A concrete surface is ideal.

- The heat pump produces condensation that is evacuated by the supplied pipe featuring a clip connecting system.

- After installation, the equipment should be in a vertical position with no inclination.

- The equipment should not be in proximity to pollution, corrosive gases, dust or dry leaves.

- Respect the distance between the equipment and surrounding objects as shown in the schema to the right.

Required free space surrounding equipment (in mm)
Spacer20A. Air inlet, B. Air outlet.
Schema caliente espace installation

Installation concept

Installation Heat pump Caliente Black Edition 4S

Schema heat pump

1. Heat pump Caliente Black Edition 4S
2. Pool pump
3. Pool filter
4. Suction
5. Discharge
6. Condensation outlet
7. Inlet hot air
8. Outlet cold air
9. Power 220-240V/50Hz


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