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Astral Lumiplus Wireless LED pool projector

Astral Lumiplus Wireless LED pool projector
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Lumiplus Wireless 1 Kit
Remote control,
Easy installation in alcove PAR56,
Powerful 1100lm beam,
Low energy consumption,
Multicoloured lighting
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Lumiplus Wireless 1 Kit
Ref. Abatik 016734 Ref. Provider 45079KIT1
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409 €
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lumiplus Wireless 2 Kit
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The LumiPlus Wireless combines LED lighting with a receptor modulator. This unit can be commanded at a distance by remote control.
Light diffused is intense and personalises your pool by creating various atmospheres of colour whilst reducing energy consumption.

Universal, this projector can be installed in PAR56 alcove without adjustment, replacing your traditional 300w filament lamp.

Main advantages of the bulb

Astral Lumiplus Wireless LED pool projector insitu

Practical and fun
By means of the featured receptor modulator, the bulb can be directly commanded by LumiPlus Control Motion that is supplied in the kit. Fun to use, a selection of 12 colours and 8 sequences are available to choose from by means of shaking the remote.

Easy to use
This bulb is installed in any PAR56 alcove on the market.

A LED source of light represents a substantial economy : The LumiPlus uses 20 times less electricity than a filament bulb.

The LumiPlus uses high luminosity Luxeon LEDs, a guarantee of quality. These LEDs have a lifespan 100 times superior to conventional bulbs.

LumiPlus Control Motion remote control

This remote allows you to :
- Switch on and off up to 2 LumiPlus Wireless LED bulbs PAR56 RGB 1.11,
- Choose from 12 colours and 8 pre-programmed sequences,
- Regulate sequencing speed and style (static, flash or merging),
- Regulate the colour intensity.

The carrying range of the remote is 5 meters.

The Lumiplus Control Motion is equipped with a movement detector (accelerometer sensor).

This allows :
- selection of colours by shaking the remote in a vertical motion (A).
- Choose a sequence and its speed by using a horizontal movement (B).

The remote can also be used in a classic manner by pushing buttons.
Remote Astral Lumiplus Wireless LED pool projector

Luxeon LEDs

Available colours Astral Lumiplus Wireless LED pool projector

LED is an abbreviation for “Light Emitting Diode”. This technology was developed during the 60's and was recognised as THE TECHNOLOGY of the future. LEDs are generally used in electronic equipment, games, domestic appliances, road signals etc. In general, LEDS are low lumen

High lumen LED technology was first used in the automobile industry, and then, in a domestic context.

Light is created by electricity that passes through the LED. As there are no filaments, LEDs cannot burn or break. The result is a lifespan which is multiplied by 100 times greater than a conventional bulb coupled with reduced consumption.

Colour shades abtained with bulb

Shades available
Shades available

There are different types of LEDs : those with low lumens (5mm) and those with high lumens (High Power LED). The LEDs used in the Lumiplus Wireless are Luxeon high lumen (1W to 3W).

Pool led lighting

Using a LED PAR-56, low lumen
Power led lighting

Using a LED PAR-56 LumiPlus Wireless, high lumen

Transformer capacity

Your Lumiplus bulb must be connected to a transformer producing 12v.

Its capacity should correspond to the bulbs to which it is connected. The capacity of the provided power supply must be 20% more than that consumed by the projector.
The below table indicates the number of LumiPlus Wireless bulbs that a transformer can power, depending on its capacity :

Transformer capacity
Maximum number of bulbs

Technical characteristics of bulb

Power supply
12V AC 50Hz/60Hz
Consumed power
Maximum Lumens
Angle of diffusion
Number of colours
Number of sequences
Protection index
Made in

The Lumiplus Wireless 1 kit includes :

- 1 LumiPlus PAR56 RGB 1.11 Wireless bulb
- 1 wireless remote LumiPlus Control Motion

The Lumiplus Wireless 2 kit includes :

- 2 LumiPlus PAR56 RGB 1.11 Wireless bulbs
- 1 wireless remote LumiPlus Control Motion
Astral Lumiplus Wireless LED pool projector kit


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