Lumiplus 1.11 white LED PAR 56

Lumiplus 1.11 white LED PAR 56
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LEDs LUMIPLUS white 24W 1.11 bulb
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LED pool bulb
Easy installation in standard PAR56 alcove
Powerful 1485lm beam
Low energy consumption
White light
Can economise up to 92% of energy compared to a conventional bulb
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The LumiPlus 1.11 PAR56 lamp considerably improves the lighting of your pool while reducing your energy consumption.

Energy efficient in comparison to a classic 300W halogen PAR56 - boasting a lifespan 100 times greater and an energy consumption 12 times less.

This lamp must be connected to a 12V AC transformer which is used in permanence and totally immersed.

This bulb can be used with any subaquatic projector PAR56. Connected by 2 sections identical to a halogen PAR56, the LumiPlus PAR56 1.11 does not require a modification of the electrical installation of your pool.
The LumiPlus PAR56 1.11 carries a 3-year guarantee.

Lumiplus 1.11 white LED PAR 56

Advantages of the lamp

• Easy to install : in 10 minutes the lamp is installed and ready to use.

• Energy economies up to 92% by means of the efficiency of technology used.

• The LumiPlus 1.11 PAR56 enters the criteria demanded by the new European directives concerning ecological conception for energy consuming products. This legislation will be enforced in the coming years.

Technical characteristics

Required power supply
Energy consumed
Maximum lumens
100 000h
Weight of bulb
Protection index
IP68 Class III

energetic gains

The below diagram illustrates the electrical consumption of the lumiplus LED (in blue) in comparison to a halogen (in orange).
Lumiplus 1.11 white LED PAR 56
The energetic gains accumulated in one year by using the lumiplus (1) transforms your energy bill from 100 to 8€ : imagine the savings over 5 years (2) !

Type of bulbPAR56 HalogenLEDs PAR56
Power supply12 V12V
Consumption300 W24W
Lifespan1 000h100 000h
ProtectionIP68 Class IIIIP68 class III
Cable section2 sections2 sections

Installation of the lamp

Step 1
Step 2
Step 3
Step 4
Step 5

Step 6
Step 7
Step 8
Step 9
Step 10

Step 11


3 years

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