Mancora polyester shell pool
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MANCORA shell pool kit R60 FT - 6.00x2.80m
Polyester shell pool with flat floor and stairs,
Inside length from 6m to 8,50m,
Depth 1,40m or 1,50m depending on model,
Available colours white, beige or blue,
Traditional filtering system or outboard monobloc,
White LED lighting projector
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MANCORA shell pool kit R60 FT - 6.00x2.80m
Ref. Abatik 017248 Ref. Provider DECLIC600FT
EUR 8270
8270 €
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MANCORA shell pool kit R60 BF outboard monobloc filtering system - 6.00x2.80m
Ref. Abatik 017243 Ref. Provider DECLIC600BF
EUR 9575
9575 €
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MANCORA shell pool kit 73 FT - 7.30x3.40m
Ref. Abatik 017249 Ref. Provider DECLIC730FT
EUR 10280
10280 €
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MANCORA shell pool kit 73 BFoutboard monobloc filtering system - 7.30x3.40m
Ref. Abatik 017244 Ref. Provider DECLIC730BF
EUR 11475
11475 €
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MANCORA shell pool kit R70 FT - 7.00x3.70m
Ref. Abatik 017251 Ref. Provider DECLICR700FT
EUR 10475
10475 €
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MANCORA shell pool kit R70 BF outboard monobloc filtering system - 7.00x3.70m
Ref. Abatik 017246 Ref. Provider DECLICR700BF
EUR 11800
11800 €
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MANCORA shell pool kit 85 FT - 8.50x3.40m
Ref. Abatik 017250 Ref. Provider DECLIC850FT
EUR 11370
11370 €
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MANCORA shell pool kit 85 BF outboard monobloc filtering system - 8.50x3.40m
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EUR 12645
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MANCORA shell pool kit R80 FT - 8.00x3.70m
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EUR 11390
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MANCORA shell pool kit R80 BF outboard monobloc filtering system - 8.00x3.70m
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Maintenance and filtration kit for MANCORA FT shell pool
Ref. Abatik 017253 Ref. Provider KITDECLICFT
EUR 1650
1650 €
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The Mancora range is composed of five models with various dimensions, available in white, sand or blue. The Mancora's stairs and comfortable, wide bench allow you to enjoy the full benefits of the sun and water whilst facilitating pool access
Mancora polyester shell pool   10 year capitalised guarantee

Each model can be equipped with either a classic filtration system or an outboard monobloc. The choice is yours.
The solidity and sealing of the Mancora range are ensured by their unique, entirely automatic manufacturing process that results in a perfectly homogenised pool structure.

Each pool shell carries a 10-year manufacturer's guarantee on the structure, shell finish and sealing.

This 10-year guarantee contract, maintains legal mentions, notably in the case that the manufacturer ceases to exist.

Manufacture of Mancora polyester shell pool

Day and night view of Mancora

Available shapes

Spacer20Spacer20Spacer20Spacer20Spacer20Spacer20Spacer20Mancora R60

Mancora R60

6,00m (inner length, stairs incuded)
2,80m (inner width)

Mancora R73
Mancora 73

Mancora 73

7,30m (inner length, stairs included)
3,40m (inner width)

Mancora 73

Spacer20Spacer20Spacer20Spacer20Spacer20Spacer20Spacer20Mancora R70

Mancora 70

7,00m (inner length, stairs included)
3,70m (inner width)

Mancora R70
Mancora 85

Mancora 85

8,50m (inner length, stairs included)
3,40m (inner width)

Mancora 85

Mancora R80

Mancora R80
8,00m (inner length, stairs included)
3,70m (inner width)

Mancora R80

Polyester shell

Using the latest technology methods in the manufacturing process, coupled with raw materials classed ISO 9001-9002 and various patented production techniques, our provider guarantees quality pools boasting a long life span.


The projections applied to the pool shell are effectuated by total automation :
1. The « Gelcoat » : specific paint creating the shells colour and gloss aspect,
2. The « Barrier coat » : glass fibre reinforced polyester ensuring perfect sealing between the Gelcoat and the remainder of the structure
3. Glass fibre reinforced polyester resin, obliged for the production of the pool.

Reinforced stair area

To reinforce the structure and avoid deterioration, the pool wall which contains the stairs features horizontal and vertical reinforcements which are positioned just before the projection of the resin coat.

Each shell features:
- Triangular reinforcements under the lip of the pool (1),
- Mid-wall brace (2),
- Triangular reinforcement on 2/3 of the wall (3),
- Natural reinforcement (rounded shape) creating a superior resistance to the pressure of water volume (4).

Security valve

The Mancora pools are equipped with a security valve.

This valve is permanently kept in a closed position when the pool contains water, being opened only in the case of the pool's installation or if the pool is empty and is to be filled at a later time.
In the case of heavy rain, this allows water that is situated in the evacuation pipe to enter into the pool shell as to avoid the build-up of hydraulic pressure.
Polyester shell

Spacer20Spacer20Spacer20Spacer20Spacer20Spacer20Spacer20Spacer20Spacer20Mancora 73

Reinforced sides

Security valve

The filtration of your pool

For each Mancora polyester shell, you can choose between :
- An outboard filtering monobloc
- A classic sand filtering system (pump and sand filter not included).

Outboard filtration monobloc (BF model)

Outboard monobloc filtration

This filtration monobloc features two cartridge filters with a capacity of 25 microns, a Speck pump, 22m³/h, two skimmers, a discharge nozzle and a white LED projector.
The compact filtration monobloc is installed on the pool surround and is in part, immersed into the water.

Easy to use with self-priming pump.

With ABS - PMMA white outer casing, this filtering solution easily merges into your pool environment.

Inner view filtration monobloc

Spacer20Spacer20Inner view of standard filtration monobloc

A. Removable lid with locking system
B. Electrical terminal block + daily timer
C. Filtration pump
D. Skimmers, with two lateral suction openings
E. Two removable filter cartridges with leaf gathering baskets
F. White LED lighting projectors
G. Adjustable discharge nozzle

Speck filter pump
Waterflow 22m³/h
Filtration featuring double cartridges
Filtering capacity 25 microns
Filtration surface 4,5m²
Outer casing thermoformed ABS – PMMA
Overflow security
Distribution box with transformer (to be used with a 30mA circuit breaker)
Axeo outboard filtering monobloc

This filtration box cannot be modified with optional equipment.

Available on option Evolving filtering monobloc on which you can add :
- A counter-current system.
- By-pass allowing the installation of a heat pump or other heating system.
- A salt electrolyser, chlorinator or brominator so the maintenance of your pool water can be managed automatically.
- pH regulator.

Filtration by sand (FT models)

Mancora classic filtration system
Hayward Powerline 3/4HP filter pump with a flow of 10m³/hour
Hayward Powerline sand filter with multiway valve
Electrical distribution box with transformer
The PVC connection kit includes :
- 50ml flexible PVC
- 4ml rigid PVC
- 4 D50 valves
- 1 3-way collector
- 1 cross 5 union threaded connector
- 1 solvent
- 1 500G pot of glue
- 1 T connection
- 5 threaded fittings
- 20 90° bend fittings
- 4 45° bend fittings
- 1 repair kit and 1 cartridge of acetate putty
- 3 rolls of teflons
Maintenance material includes:
- 1 wall brush
- 1 cleaning net
- 1 suction brush
- 1 floating tube
- 1 telescopic handle
- 1 thermometer


Mancora pool with filtration monobloc

The delivery includes :
Polyester shell (3 available colours)
1 filtration monobloc featuring a LED lighting projector
1 electrical distribution box with transformer
1 security valve
1 security overflow
1 maintenance kit
Mancora pool with classic sand filtering system

The delivery includes :
Polyester shell (3 available colours)
1 LED lighting projector
1 skimmer
2 discharge nozzles
1 brush adaptor
1 main drain
1 security valve

Filter and maintenance kit on option

Pool surround (optional)

The pool surround is available in white or yellow. Delivered with a colouring pigment (yellow or white) to mix with white cement (cement not included).

Dosing : 3 volumes of pigment to 1 volume of white cement.

Pool surround on option

Reception and delivery of pool

A complete instruction manual including excavation and preparation for the reception of your Mancora polyester pool shell kit will be provided.

Steps :

1. Trace

To prepare excavation, trace out the form of your pool using the provided plan.

You need to add to the excavation dimensions,
• 0,60cm in length and width (in addition to the dimensions of the pool shell),
• 10cm in height of the pool cavity (in addition to the depth of the pool).


Mancora R60 FT
Trace plan R60BF

Mancora R60 BF
Trace plan R60 FT

2. Excavation

Excavation work can be completed using an adapted, mechanical unit that can respect the precise trace produced on ground level in accordance with the supplied plan.

3. Creating a base for the pool cavity

After excavation completion, you should prepare the base of the pool cavity by :
- positioning a geotextile
- covering the geotextile with a layer of crushed gravel

This layer should be levelled. Your polyester shell can then be placed on this surface.

4. Connection of filtration system and landfill of surplus cavity space
Models FT : Filter connection followed by landfill
Models BF : Landfill followed by installation of filtration monobloc

5. Positioning of pool surround and filling your pool

Mancora polyester pool shell

Mancora R60 BF

Mancora polyester pool shell with filtration monobloc

Polyester pool shell MANCORA

Mancora 73 BF


capitalised 10 year guarantee on the structure, sealing and finish

Photos non-contractual
Price incl. VAT

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