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Micron Top bobbin wound sand filter WATERCO

Micron Top bobbin wound sand filter from Waterco
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Micron Top S500, bobbin wound sand filter, water flow 10m3/h
Sand filter with ABS 6-way valve situated on top of the tank made from glass-fiber reinforced polyester. Treatments include - anti-UV, anti-corrosion, manometer, sight glass, easy installation and use.
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Micron Top S500, bobbin wound sand filter, water flow 10m3/h
Ref. Abatik 020755 Ref. Provider 220122DP
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Micron Top S600 bobbin wound sand filter, water flow 14m3/h
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The Micron Top from Waterco sand filter is essential to the maintenance of your pool.

Easy to use, this filter ensures your pool cleanliness whatever your pool configuration may be. The Micron Top from Waterco sand filter uses the cleansing properties of sand to offer a filtration capacity from 40 to 50 microns. As water passes through the filter, the grains of sand retain impurities, water is clarified and returns to the pool.

The operation and structure of the Micron Top from Waterco allows operation with all water types.

Featuring a manometer and 6-way valve : filtration, backwash, rinse, open circulation, closed circulation and to drain.

The valve is positioned on the filter lid. Its compact structure is adapted to small technical shelters.

Durable lifespan

The Micron Top from Waterco has been designed to last. Its internal coating is made from polyester resin which is doubled using glass fiber. The alliance of these two materials makes this filter a robust and perennial choice.
During manufacture, the Waterco filament bobbin continuously rolls around the envelope of fine, metallic strands. This procedure is effectuated under digital quality control to check for any default or abnormality.

Once this manufacturing step has been completed, the tank of the filter is a monoblock, without joining or soldering.

This characteristic creates a product of superior quality when these materials are used. The Micron Top Waterco filter proves to have long-term resistance to chemical treatment products, corrosion and water electrolysis.
Lighter than steel, the glass used in the tank means you can move and install your sand filter safely and easily.
Micron Top Waterco sand filter

Details Micron Top Waterco

Micron Top Waterco sand filter in detail

1 - Entry diffuser : This element distributes water in an even manner to the tank as to avoid holes developing on the sand bed surface.
2 - Pressure gauge
3 - Ultra resistant, ABS, 6-way valve positioned on the filter lid with a maximum working pressure of 400 kPa
4 - Monoblock, glass-fiber reinforced polyester resin tank
5 - Sieves
6 - Manual purge
7 - Large base to ensure optimal stability

The multi-way valve features a sight glass allowing the inspection of water clarity. Connections are screwed quickly and easily

Details of 6-way valve

The 6-way valve offers an easy to use selection of the Micron Top sand filter :

Filtration position : Water enters the filter and passes through the bed of sand which retains residue. Once purified, water returns to the pool.

Backwash position : The direction of water is inverted to unclog the sand and remove impurities.

Rinsing position : This step follows backwash cycle: Water carries impurities contained in the sand and is sent to the drain.

Drain position : When the pool is emptied or overflows, water is sent to the main drain without passing through the filter.

Open circulation : Water passes by the multiway valve but not the filter

Closed circulation : The valve is shut, preventing water circulation

Components of the 6-way valve :

- Connections (metric or imperial)
- ABS structure
- Ultra resistant handle easy to manipulate
- 6 positions
- Stainless steel components
- Pressure guage
- Manometer resistant to use
- Sight glass in transparent glass

Operation of filtration

To activate filtration, place the 6-way valve on the position "filtration":

1) Water enters via the upper valve. It is then distributed in the tank by the entry diffuser.

Water then passes through the filtering sandbed in which impurities are retained.

2) The sieves recuperate filtered water. Water rises through the central pipe and returns to the pool via the lower valve.
When the filter bed becomes too clogged it looses filtering capacity. The integrated pressure gauge indicates a pressure level which is too high.

When the filter becomes too clogged, a backwash cycle is required.
Filtration method Micron Top

Backwash and filter rinsing

The backwash position evacuates all impurities contained in the sand.
Once the valve is placed in position, the direction of water is inverted.

1) Water enters via the upper valve (n°1)

2) Water passes through the sieves, unclogging and lifting the bed of sand.

3) The impurities are suspended in the water.

4) The water containing the suspended particles is evacuated to the drain.

The Micron Top de Waterco filter then begins its rinsing cycle, before stabilising positioning the cleansed sand bed. This step, that requires only a few seconds to complete, evacuates any remaining impurities in the filter.

The filter must be regularly maintained to conserve full filtering capacity.
Rinse mode Micron Top


Key : Dimensions in mm

S 50086450544318062573167269
S 60096862254018072183277888
S 7501132772620220867101493890
Dimensions Micron Top

-inner ØDepth of sand bedFiltration zoneValve sizeSand 16/30 (kg)Zeoplus (kg)Water flow adapted to residential poolMaximum surface of poolWater flow adapted to public poolMinimum surface of poolWeight of filter
S 5005002800.2050 /1.5806010577.22811 kg
S 6006002950.2950/1.5160121148310.44117 kg
S 7507503400.4663/22201662213216.56427 kg


10 years on tank
1 year on all other parts

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