Sta Rite Posi Clear RP

Sta Rite Posi Clear RP cartridge filter
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Sta-Rite Posi Clear RP 100 cartridge filter
Filtration quality 20 microns,
Easy installation,
Easy maintenance,
Sta-Rite quality
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Sta-Rite Posi Clear RP 100 cartridge filter
Ref. Abatik 015370 Ref. Provider PXP9
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575 €
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Sta-rite Posi Clear RP 150 cartridge filter
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Posi Clear RP 200 cartridge filter
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You pool water quality depends on two factors :
- The mechanical filtration of water.
- The disinfection of water.

The mechanical filtration operates via the filtration pump that circulates water in conjunction with the filter that retains the impurities suspended in the water.

If you have a performant filter, you will require less maintenance.
The performance of the filter is measured by the filtration capacity and maximum debit. The finer the filtration capacity (measured in microns), indicates the performance of your filter.

The maximum debit of your filter should never be inferiour to the filtration pump.

The Sta-Rite Posi Clear RP cartridge filter has been designed to filter impurities suspended in the water of residential pools and spas.

Easy to use and maintain, this filter proves excellent filtration and manufacturing qualities.
Sta Rite Posi Clear RP cartridge filter

The Sta-Rite Posi Clear RP in detail

The filter tank

Made from glass-fiber reinforced polypropylene, highly resistant to chemical products. The cartridge Poli Clear RP uses elements made from weaved polyester.

Water inlets and outlets

Friction loss is the loss of water flow capacity due to hydraulic friction in pipework.

All elements in the hydraulic circuit are a cause of friction loss : Pipework, the pump and the filter itself. Most cartridge filters have an inlet and outlet at the base of the tank.

To limit friction loss, the Sta-Rite Posi Clear RP has a higher than usual inlet - 58,5cm from ground level to better water circulation. Water circulates more naturally and impurities are retained more efficiently.

The cartridge
The cartridge is the "heart" of the filter, ensuring a homogeneous water flow with a filtering capacity of 20 microns. The cartridges polyester material is folded in order to offer a maximum filtered surface area. These folds are moulded at the extremities on a rigid, synthetic supporting material. The lower extremity features stabilising cartridge inserts inside the filter body.

The fixations

Posi Lock collars simplify the opening and closing of the filter body, facilitating maintenance operations. Just remove the filter cartridge and rinse in clear water.

The back wash is not necessary. A small quantity of water is needed for maintenance so you can make economies.

The tank of the filter and its lid is fixed to a specific Sta-Rite Posi-Clear base.

Technical details

- Glass-fiber reinforced polypropylene filter body, highly resistant to chemicals present in water treatments.

- Raised inlet bettering water circulation and reducing friction loss.

- Unequaled hydraulic efficiency.

- Bettered internal flow .

- Connections 50mm znd 63mm (supplied adaptors).

- Quick fitting union connections supplied with o-rings.
- High flow air purge and continuous internal air evacuation to optimise filtration.

- Cartridge without a central core, easy to remove and rinse.

- 1½’ purge - easy access.

- Improved locking ring with security system.

- Delivered with cartridge.

- 20 microns filtering capacity

Installing the cartridge filter

When installing the cartridge filter, ensure the minimum required height for the removal of the filter is available.

Dimensions Sta Rite Posi Clear RP cartridge filter
ModelSide ASide B

Technical charateristics

ModelØ filter Ø filter bodyMaximum flowSurface area filtered Weight


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