PENTAIR Triton sand filter

Pentair Triton sand filter
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Triton TR40 sand filter, water flow 8.5 m³/h
Fiberglass with 6-way side valve,
Composite monobloc tank eliminates all risk of leakage,
Waterflow up to 32m³/h
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Triton TR40 sand filter, water flow 8.5 m³/h
Ref. 002022
EUR 559
559 €
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Triton TR60 sand filter water flow 14 m³/h
Ref. 002025
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Triton TR100 sand filter, water flow 22 m³/h
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Triton TR140 sand filter,water flow 32 m³/h
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The operational method of the Triton sand filter is simple and efficient. The pool water is sent by propulsion into a pressurised tank filled with sand. The sand retains the larger and smaller particles, sometimes so small that they are not visible to the naked eye. As time goes by, dirt accumulates in the interspaces between the grains of sand, adding to the pressure of the tank, and making the passage of water more difficult. That's when a back-wash of your filter needs to be effectuated. The water flow is simply inversed, ejecting the impurities.

Properties of the Triton sand filter

- Patented GlasLock procedure produces a monobloc tank, reinforced with glass fiber. Its outer coating is UV resistant.

- Manometer situated at the top of the filter, easy to read, with air purge valve. The filters automatic purge saves time during the cycle start.

- A 360° diffusser maintains a flat bed of sand, creating optimal filtration. The diffuser has a retractable design, offering instant access to the sand.

- 10-year guarantee on tank.
- Easy to use drainage to simplify winterizing and maintenance.

- The monobloc composite structure of the tank eliminates the possibility of leakage and can neither rust or suffer from corrosion.

- All connections are threaded for easy intervention.

- Maximum working pressure 3,5 bars and maximum working temperature 50°c.

Triton sand filter - dimensions and features

Dimensions of the Triton sand filter
Dimensions des filtres à sable Triton


Technical details of the Triton sand filter

Diameter of filter (mm)Ø480Ø610Ø762Ø914
Inlet / outlet1"1/21"1/22"2"
Filtering surface0,17 m³0,29 m³0,45 m³0,84 m³

Manometer Triton sand filter
Lid Triton sand filter
Manometer Triton sand filter

Inner view Triton sand filter
Inner view
Valve Triton sand filter
Overview Triton sand filter
Triton sand filter


10 years on tank
2 years on all other material

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