Nova WNM40 pool projector

Nova WNM40 pool projector
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NOVA WNM40 projector for PAR56 alcove
EUR 349.00
LED pool projector
Easy installation in standard PAR56 alcoves
Powerful 2100lm beam
Low energy consumption
White light
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The Nova WNM40 lengthens your swimming time at nightfall whilst valorising your pool.

Its LED offers a non-blinding light and consumes little energy.

Practical, this projector is installed in standard PAR56 alcoves without further modification.

Technical details

The Nova WNM40 projector is distinguished by a pure, non-obtrusive, design. More than a simple lighting projector, the Nova WNM40 becomes an esthetic element of your pool.
Detailed view Nova WNM40 pool projector

Using adjustable fixation prongs, the projector is easily installed in any PAR56 alcove, without the need for further modification. The ideal solution to replace a 300w 12v filament bulb.

Its powerful beam can reach 2100lm while guaranteeing an energetic consumption lower than a classic 300w projector.

Transformer capacity

The transformer connected to the LED Nova must produce 12v.

Its capacity must be sufficient to run the connected projectors.

The below table indicates the number of Nova projectors that the transformer can run depending on its capacity.

Transformer capacity
Maximum number of Nova WNM40 projectors

When effectuating electrical connections, protection must be provided for each projector. This can be ensured by using 3 to 3,5A fuses or trip switches.

Technical features

Power supply
12V AC 50Hz/60Hz
Maximum lumens
Type of LED
Power LED
Adustable fixation prongs
Protection index

Contents of package

- 1 Nova WNM40 projector
- 2 stainless steel screws + washers for connection
- 1 instruction sheet


2 years

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