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Ixia WIM15 mini LED pool projector

Ixia WIM15 mini LED pool projector
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Full stainless steel BAHIA mini projector for nozzle WIM15
EUR 319.00
3 LED mini pool projector
Easy installation on panel or 2" wall crossing
Powerful 700lm beam
Low energy consumption
White light
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The LED Ixia WIM15 mini projector diffuses a white light ideal to indicate pool access on an immersed border or stairs.

This projectors reduced size and low power consumption (15w) indicates the possibility of installing several projectors to define your swimming area, indicate a shallow end or highlight the lines of your pool.

Technical details

Adaptable to all pool types, this projector is designed to be fixed to a panel or wall crossing.

Its support consists of a 2’ threaded male connection easily screwed to the wall crossing.

It's full 316L stainless steel body is resistant to corrosion. The Ixia WIM15 projector is perfectly adapted for prolonged immersion.

The 3 LEDs contained in each bulb have an excellent life span.
Ixia WIM15 mini LED pool projector in situ

Transformer capacity

The Ixia mini projector should be connected to a
transformer with a 12v secondary supply.

The capacity produced by the transformer should be ample
to serve the consumption of connected projectors.
Transformer capactiy
Maximum number of WIM15 projectors

The below table indicates the number of projectors a transformer can power, depending on its capacity.

When installed, an independent protection must be provided for each projector. 2A fuses or trip switches can be used.

The IXIA WIM15 mini-projector cannot be used with liner finish pools.

Detailed view Ixia WIM15 mini LED pool projector

Installation schema

The Ixia WIM15 is installed easily and quickly on panelled pools or wall crossings using a 2" threaded connector. Simply screw into place on the brush adaptor or discharge nozzle (1) inserted in the wall crossing (2). The power cable passes through the brush adaptor or discharge nozzle, arriving in a water tight duct, leading to the electrical connection box situated above the water level of the pool (3).
Ixia WIM15 mini LED pool projector installation schema

Technical charateristics

Power supply
12V AC 50Hz/60Hz
Power consumed
Maximum lumens provided
Type of LED
Power LED
Number of LEDs
ø96mm x 57mm
Threaded 2" connection
Projector weight
Protection index

Contents of package

- 1 Ixia WIM15 mini projector
- 1 instruction sheet


2 years

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