PERSEO manual pool shutter

PERSEO manual pool shutter
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PERSEO manual made to measure pool shutter
EUR 1950.00
Manual shutter for pools up to 11 x 5m,
Wheel with torque multiplier facilitating manipulation,
Easy and fast installation
  • Complies with standard NF P 90-308
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The Perseo manual shutter replaces a barred cover and replies to the security norm NF P90-308. Esthetic and practical, occupying a reduced space in your pool area.

Designed for existing pools or pools under construction, rectangular in shape, up to 11 x 5m (not including stairs).

The Perseo manual conserves water temperature, lengthening your swimming period.
Its other advantages are : limiting evaporation, reducing cleaning, maintaining clean water and reducing the use of water treatment chemicals.
It's opaque slats reduce the phenomenon of photosynthesis, avoiding the proliferation of algae.

Perseo manual pool shutter

Inner dimensions of pool
inc VAT*
3m x 3m
1590 € inc VAT
6m x 3m
1970 € inc VAT
7m x 3,5m
2220 € inc VAT
8m x 4m
2500 € inc VAT
9m x 4,5m
2810 € inc VAT
10m x 5m
3140 € inc VAT
11m x 5m
3330 € inc VAT

* Price refers to departure direct from the factory. Shutter with white slats, manually retractable.

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Advantages of Perseo manual shutter

This shutter allows you to cover your pool, limiting installation labour.

The manual wheel features important torque multiplication (15/1) indicating one person alone can manipulate the cover without effort.

The shutter is secured by an anti-lifting system providing optimal security.

The Perseo manual shutter is delivered complete with all necessary equipment needed for its installation and use :
- 2 300/100th legs in white, lacquered aluminium, one featuring the winch and torque multiplier
- 1 removable wheel
- Leg fixations (anchoring plugs, lag bolts and screws)
- 1 rolling axis made from anodised aluminium
2,2mm thick, Ø126,4mm for pools less than 4,5m in width
4mm thick Ø130mm for pools greater than 4,5m in width
- 1 shutter cover composed of floating white slats (beige or grey, on option) with 25mm finned finish
- Straps linking shutter cover and axe
- 1 anti-lifting system composed of ABS connecting rods + Straps + Wall supports to fix to pool wall (or pool surround, on option)
- 1 installation manual
- 1 packaging.
Wheel for manual operation

Spacer20Spacer20Axis supports with removable wheel

Perseo manual - Axis supports

The shutter features two 300/100th axis supports in white, lacquered aluminium, one featuring the winch and torque multiplier 15:1 (1).

The inclination of the shutters axis supports are adjustable by bolts and so avoids facing or surfacing the pool surround (2).

Legs and manual wheel of the Perseo pool shutter

Spacer20Spacer20Spacer20Axis supports and removable wheel of the Perseo manual pool shutter
Inner view of Perseo structure legs

Aluminium 300/100th
Adjustable incline
By bolts
Dimensions L x w x H
182 x 147 x 425mm
Removable, white lacquered aluminium

Details of Perseo manual shutter slats

The slats of the shutter are conformed to the norm NF P90-308.

The opaque aspect of the slats reduces the phenomenon of photosynthesis and therefore, the proliferation of algae.

Each slat is composed of air-filled compartments providing buoyancy as well as limiting heat loss.

At the extremity of each slat, finishing caps secured with glue ensure sealing and complete buoyancy.

Removable fins, (Standard version 25mm (Std) ensure the finish of each slat. The standard size can be replaced by Small (15mm (S) or Extra large (35mm XL).

The assembly method of this shutter has an exclusive patent allowing each slat to easily slide one to the other making installation and maintenance very easy.
Detail of slats
Cap detail Perseo manual

Calcium/Zinc PVC
Anti-stain and anti-PVC
Width of slats
Depth of slats
Available colours
White. Sand or grey on option
3 years
Stair option
Consult us for quote - angle cut only
Available colours

Assembly of shutter slats

The assembly of the shutter slats is effectuated by either :

- Clicking system

To click one slat to the other, commence by engaging the lower hook to the "male"side of the right-hand slat into the "female" side of the left-hand slat (fig.1 and fig.2).

- Create a to and fro movement till the two slats "click" together completely (fig.3 and fig.4).

Slat clipping system

- Sliding system

To slide one slat into the other, simply remove the caps and slide the slats together.

Remove caps and slide slats together

Patented assembly system
- Creating fast and easy assembly essentially for long slat lengths
- Limits tedious manipulations
- Facilitates the removal of a damaged slat.

When ordering, ask for every third cap not to be fitted. This gains time during assembly.

Stair cuts (optional)

When the shutter is in position on the width of the pool, it can be adapted to various stair shapes : rectangular, (1), trapeze (2), roman (3), semi-circular(4) or free form (5) (after consultation with us)

Available stair adaptations

Shutter skis

Positioned on the final two slats, the skis assist the shutters orientation and ensure correct operation in-situ, on the pool water.

The holes for the ski are pre-drilled by the manufacturer.
Shutter skis

Installation of shutter

The surface on which the shutters axis supports will be installed must have 182 x 147mm of available space on each side of the pool to fit the lag bolts.

The surround cut

On existing pools that have a pool surround a cut of 35cm needs to be completed to allow the passage of the shutter.

The shutters axis

The shutters axis must be in a level position perpendicular to the pool.

The axis is :
In line to the edge of the pool surround for sharp angled pools (a).
at the end of a RADIUS on round angled pools (b).
Pool surround cut
Axis Perseo manual

The two shutters axis supports must be anchored in a level, horizontal position, tightly against the shutters axis. If needed, the axis supports can be inclined by using the supplied bolts.

We recommend that you do not proceed with the floor fixations till you have totally unrolled the shutter to check its position and adjust.

Security system

The Perseo manual features an anti-lifting system that conforms to the norm NF P90-308. This system uses ABS flanges + Straps + wall anchoring brackets.

The number of anti-lifting devices needed depends on the width of the pool.

Width of pool
Number of anti-lifting devices
Up to 3 metres
3 to 5 metres

Available colours

Three colours are available : White (beige or grey available on option).

Pushlock colours
Wall anchoring brackets
Three models are available, depending on the pool structure :

Fixed on pool wall with screw plugs for concrete, concrete blocks, fibreglass (with concrete belt) or any other type of pool with a minimum thickness of 8mm.

Screw version
Sealed on pool wall (on option) for concrete pools under construction.

Sealed pushlock
Cavalier version (on option) for concrete, galvanised panel, polyethene panels and fibreglass pools.

Caviler pushlock

Locking system Perseo

When you close the shutter, the trigger clips into the support.

Unlocking system

To open, just push the button, lifting the trigger simultaneously to free the shutter before rolling it on its axis.

Users precautions

This shutter can be used during all seasons. Warning, do not manipulate in case of frost.

For an optimal operation of the shutter, we advise you to conserve the water level of the pool water 10cm lower than the pool border.

During the winterizing period, we advise you to keep the water at the same level.

Packing and transport

To ensure a delivery in the best possible conditions, our transport service will contact you to arrange a delivery time.

It is essential to have 2 persons to reception your pool shutter.
Perseo packing


2 years on axis
3 years on slats

Photos non-contractual
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