PROCOVER shutter protection

Procover protective cover for pool shutter
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12.90 €/m² Including VAT
Ref. Abatik 023242
Ref. Provider PROCOV-BLEU-A
Procover shutter protection blue/black shape A
Protects you shutter slats from UV's and dirt,
Fast and easy installation,
Limits the intrusion of leaves and debris into the pool,
Compatible with all shutters, patented system.
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Procover shutter protection blue/black shape A
Ref. Abatik 023242 Ref. Provider PROCOV-BLEU-A
EUR 12.90
Price starting from
12.90 €
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Procover shutter protection blue/black shape B
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Procover shutter protection blue/black shape C
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Procover shutter protection cut
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Features of the shutter cover

The PROCOVER shutter protection ensures your shutter slats are protected from dirt, staining, UV rays and the formation of algae during the whole winterizing period.
The securing system of this protective cover is exclusively patented using counterweights, put into place easily and quickly on all types of pools covered by a shutter.
A 10cm overlap ensures the best protection against the intrusion of debris and dirt into your pool.

Procover insitu
PROCOVER shutter protection

Possible pool shapes

Shape of poolShape A*Shape B*Shape C*
Price including VAT per m²12.90 € including VAT14.90 € including VAT15.90 € including VAT

*Minimum order 10m².

The manufacture of the protective cover is based on the shutter cover's dimensions (surface area of the shutter slats) plus an overlap of 10 cm on each side to ensure the area above the waterline is covered.
Example : For a shutter measuring 8X4m, the cover will measure 8,20x 4,20 m.

Range shape A

Shape A for a rectangular pool...
Range shape B
Shape B for an oval, round, eight shaped, parallelogram,...
Range shape C
Shape C for other pool shapes

Available colours

Procover blue black

Blue with black underside
Procover green black

Green with black underside
Procover Snow black

Snow with black underside
Procover Sand Black

Sand with black underside
Procover pearl black

Pearl grey with black underside


The PROCOVER protective shutter cover is made to measure. All pools that can use a pool shutter are compatible with PROCOVER.

Optimal protection with procover
The overlap of the cover situated on the pool wall allows a better protection against the intrusion of dirt and debris
Procover features a high density canvas
The density of the PROCOVER ensures excellent resistance
Rainwater evacuation system
The evacuations featured on the PROCOVER ensures better evacuation of rainwater
Counterweight system
The counterweights used with the PROCOVER ensure quick and easy installation

Conception and installation

The protective cover is manufactured following the inner dimensions of the pool. Stair cuts are on option.

Procover shutter protection
Procover shutter protection
Procover shutter protection
Procover shutter protection

Schema Procover
The Procover protective cover (A) is easily installed using a counterweight system (B) that creates a snug fit to the shutter cover surface (C).

The counterweight system is maintained in place using the Cabi-Clic cords.

To protect the pool in an optimal manner from vegetal debris and other types of dirt, the Procover includes an overlap on the pool wall reaches under the pool coping.

This also ensures a clean waterline during the winter period.

No anchoring on the poolside is required for the installation and use of this shutter protection cover.

Light in weight, (210g/m²) the cover is easy to handle and install.

Technical characteristics

High-density, opaque, polyethylene - laminated on both sides 210g/m²
Ultrasound soldering
Warp resistance
1100N / 5cm
Weft resistance
1100N / 5cm
10cm from the waterline
Counterweights and Cabi-Clic supplied


The PROCOVER should be used only between November and February. It is essential to remove the Procover during the rest of the year.

The Procover must not be used with translucid PVC slats, otherwise known as "Solar Slats".

The black side of the PROCOVER should be placed against the shutter slats.


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