RAINBOW 6 Brominator Chlorinator

RAINBOW 6 Brominator Chlorinator
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Ref. Abatik 001537
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RAINBOW 6 Brominator Chlorinator
Diffuser for pools using bromine or chlorine treatment
Capacity 6,8 kgs
Precise regulation valve
By-pass installation
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RAINBOW 6 Brominator Chlorinator
Ref. Abatik 001537 Ref. Provider 1413791
EUR 350
350 €
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Plumbing connection kit for booster pump/chlorinator D 32mm
Ref. Abatik 023328
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The Rainbow 6 diffuser from Pentair ensures the regular application of your chlorine or bromine tablets in your pool.
This model has been designed to be installed on by pass in your technical shelter, in preference, downflow from your filtration system.

To optimise the diffusion of the chosen disinfection product, the Rainbow 6 is equipped with :
- A graduated regulation valve to perfectly select the diffused dose.
- An outlet valve, to facilitate the recharge or winterizing of the unit.
- Threaded connection for an easy connection*.
- A secure tightening screw.
- A purge valve allows the doser to be used immediately after recharging.

*When installing the Rainbow, we recommend using the plumbing connection kit for booster pump/chlorinator D 32mm (available on option)
Technical features for the Rainbow 6
Rainbow operational schema
Air purge cap
Tightening screw with security notch
Anti-return flap with bearings
Product storing compartment
Notched regulation valve
Purge valve
Threaded union connections
Silicone lubrifier for o-ring cover

Rainbow 6 technical characteristics
203 mm
546 mm
381 mm
Maximum chlorine outlet (Kg/h)
Maximum volume of pool for chlorine treatment
370 m3
Maximum bromine outlet (Kg/h)
Maximum volume of pool for bromine treatment
74 m3
Holding capacity
6,8 kgs
by pass

Connection schema for brominator / chlorinator

Connection method Rainbow 6

1. Suction (skimmer), 2. Pump, 3. Filter, 4. Brominator / Chlorinator , 5. Discharge, 6. Pool.
Position and fix the clamp saddles (A) on your existing plumbing system and connect to the booster pump using the plumbing accessories composed of sleeve adaptors (B), 90° elbow bends (D) and 32mm rigid PVC tubes (E).

The valves (C) allow you to :
- Regulate water flow that passes by the unit, optimising product consumption.
- Cut water flow to recharge the unit.

The plumbing kit includes all elements required to connect units to the booster pump, brominator / chlorinator.
This kit includes only rigid PVC connections. 1 hour maximum installation time.

Composants du Kit plomberie pour le raccordement de chlorinateur, brominateur

Composition plumbing connection kit

1. Rigid PVC D 32mm x 4 ML
2. PVC D 32mm valve to be stuck x 2
3. Reducing connection sleeves 32/40 x 4
4. PVC D 32mm elbow bends x 4
5. Reducing collar 50.32 mm x 2
6. Teflon sealing tape x 1
7. PVC glue 60ml x 1


2 years

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