6x3m PALMA

PALMA pool enclosure
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  • Complies with standard NF P 90-309
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3 alloy folding sections (Aluminium and Polycarbonate)

3 to 4 persons are necessary to receive the delivery.

Key functions

Adapts to all pools shapes.
Harmonious aesthetics (alloy and polycarbonate elements)
They blend perfectly into the pool environment.
Integrates harmoniously in your pool environment. It lets the sun rays in and provides efficient isolating effect for you to be able to enjoy your pool for more of the year.

Principal advantages of the enclosure PALMA

- Rapid and easy assembly
- Stable and resistant
- Easy storage at the back of the pool
- Delivery in kit (No risk of deterioration during transport)

Key functions

- Anodized aluminium structure and track.
- 3 supporting profiles per element.
- Polycarbonate alveolar, totally removable front.
- Lockable door if desired for children safety.
- Profiles dimensions 36 x 50 mm
- Alveolar polycarbonate, (3,3 kW/m²) with anti-condensation treatment "NO DROP"

Number of sections
Max pool dimensions (coping, ladder or filtrating unit)
6,30m x 3,22m

Max coping height
Dimensions of the enclosure
6,41m x 3,60m x 1,05m

Removable front part

3 profiles per element


Built-in right door

1. Immovable back door.

2. Profile section 36 x 50mm, aluminium alloy (AlMgSi).

3. Front door Lockable door for children safety.

4. Front part easily removable.
5. Flap in the front and at the back of the enclosure. 10 cm flap to move easily the enclosure without touching the pool coping.

6. Flap: 8 mm alveolar polycarbonate. Interior anti condensation treatment (NO DROP) reduces condensation under the roof. Thermic loss coefficient K= 3,3Kw/m².

7. Anodized aluminium track


Telescopic enclosures composed of modules which can be moved back and forth on a track. It can be moved easily by one person only. You will able to really to enjoy your pool for more of the year, even if it’s raining. What’s more you lower your heating costs, reduce pool maintenance and save on costly chemicals.

The enclosure may be moved aside entirely in summer.

Thanks to its resistance and shape, the enclosure resists easily bad weather conditions and snowdrifts in winter.
Pool water is also well protected so you save on maintenance and costly chemicals.

Standard enclosure version covers one part of the pool when fully opened.

Folding elements in the front and at the back for easy access to the pool, the enclosure still maintaining the greenhouse effect heating the pool.

Let the sun rays dance on the water surface during the day, even when you do not use your pool and create a great atmosphere at night.

Thanks to simplified installation and light elements two persons will assemble the whole structure within a few hours.


Aluminium alloy structure
Al, Mg, Si
Surface treatment
Front and back elements
Exterior width of the enclosure (cm)
Interior width of the enclosure (cm)
Exterior length of the enclosure (cm)
Exterior height of the enclosure (cm)
Track width
70 mm
Interior dimensions (cm)
315 x 633 (covered surface)
Exterior dimensions (cm)
365 x 646
Profiles (mm)
35 x 50
Number of modules
Assembly time per module
1 hour / 2 persons
2 years
265 kg
Kit dimensions (cm)
369 x 38 x 148
Number of packs in the parcel
Max pack weight
80 kg
Option Extension kit +3 m
+ 430 Euro with VAT

Assembly stages

Swimming pool BEFORE


Modules assembly

Track installation

Front view

Swimming pool AFTER


Tools, fasteners and screws included

Modules assembly

Modules installation on the track

Back view

The enclosure is ready
Photos non-contractual
Price incl. VAT

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