Dehumidifier Dantherm CD 400-18

Dehumidifier Dantherm CD 400-18
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DANTHERM CD 400-18 mobile dehumidifier
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Your dehumidifier Dantherm CD 400-18 will lower the moisture content of air inside a room or other closed space. This monobloc unit will allow you to lower the humidity rate and keep it at the right level in your interior swimming pool for the bathers’ comfort. Equipped with easy-roll casters, it can easily be moved according to your needs (technical room, hot tub spa, bathroom or utility room). It does not need any maintenance. It is economical and easy to use. Prevents mould, mildew and damp musty odours in your indoor swimming pool or living space.

Economical way of controlling indoor swimming pool humidity

To obtain dry and healthy ambient air you have two solutions:
The most used method and also the most energy-consuming consists of heating the room first and opening the windows to let the humid air out.
Another solution consists of using air condensation dehumidifier which draws moist from air keeping the same ambient temperature. As they use the condensation principle to dehumidify and recirculate room air, the units use considerably less energy than conventional units based on heat and ventilation. It also protects your living space and your furniture from humidity. This solution is also more efficient and economical.


Dantherm dehumidifier draws moist air in over a cold evaporator where the air is cooled to temperature below the dew point. The returned air is cooled and dry. It is to be installed in all covered swimming pools. Ideal for hot tub spas or any other humid space.

User friendly automatic full tank stop function.

Dehumidifier DANTHERM CD 400-18
Control panel

Key features

Air filtration
Overflow alarm
Transport handle
Water level indication
Adjusted air blower
Preset programme
2,4 or 8 hours
Protection indicator
IP 20
Air flow
180 m3/hour
340 Watt
18 liters/day *
Noise level at 1 meter
48 dBa
Refrigerant fluid
Water tank capacity
4,5 liters
Dimensions (HxLxP)
575 x 380 x 225 mm
13 Kg

Main advantages

Dehumidification capacity up to 18 liters/day *
Automatic overflow stop.
Elegant and discreet
Transport handle and setting programme

* Dehumidification at 30°C - relative humidity at 80%.

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