Taormina polyester shell pool
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Ref. Abatik 010120
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Taormina polyester shell pool sand filter
Kidney shaped pool with gently sloped floor
Depth from 1,43 to 1,59m, length 8,10m,
Integrated stairs
Taormina polyester shell pool sand filter
Ref. Abatik 010120 Ref. Provider ORION
EUR 14990
14990 €
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White coping for Taormina polyester shell pool
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Beige coping for Taormina polyester shell pool
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The TAORMINA polyester shell pool

This pool boasts the timeless "kidney" shape and is one of our most popular models.

This shell model is perfect for sites where an equal base is required for installation.
Depth from 1,44 to 1,57 m

This prefabricated pool is moulded from polyester resin reinforced with glass fibres.

The monobloc structure coupled with the quality of manufacturing materials guarantees perfect watertightness, flexibility and resistance.

The pool is factory moulded as a monobloc, integrating its finish.
The finishing layer of "gel coat" ensures perfect watertightness and a long lifespan.

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Taormina polyester shell pool

Taormina 800 polyester shell pool


Dimensions Taormina polyester shell pool
Dimensions in mm


7,65 x 3,85 x 1,44-1,57 m
44 m³
Weight in Kg
0,75 HP
Filter diameter

Filtration system

The TAORMINA is supplied with a sand filtration system including:

ESPA SILEN 75 3/4HP pump

The SILEN impeller centrifugal pump is self-priming, compact and compatible with salt water treatments and has been designed for the filtration of residential pools.
Supplied with 50 mm union connections on the pump's inlet and outlet, a purge cap, large capacity pre-filter complete with a transparent lid featuring an anti-blocking system.
The SILEN also features internal thermal protection.
The body, floor and diffuser of the pump are made from polypropylene reinforced with glass fibre. Its rotor is made from Noryl® reinforced with glass fibres. Supports are made from polyamide reinforced by glass fibre. The motors axis is made from AISI 420. O-rings from NBR. Mechanical seals made from graphite-alumina. L-2521 aluminium motor body. Bobbin impregnated with epoxy varnish.

Dimensions pump ESPA Silen 50 1/2HP
ESPA SILEN 75 3/4 HP pump dimensions

ASTRAL VESUBIO 500 sand filter

ASTRAL VESUBIO 450 sand filter
Dimensions ASTRAL VESUBIO 450 side sand filter
• Filters constructed using the simultaneous projection of glass fibres and resin.
• Equipped with collectors and diffusers made from inalterable PVC.
• Manometer, air and water purge supplied.
• 6-way valve to effectuate filtration, wash, rinse, recirculate, purge and close.
• Maximum working pressure 2kg/cm².
• Service pressure 3kg/cm².

Filter diameter F (in mm)
A (in mm)
B (in mm)
C (in mm)
D (in mm)
T (in mm)
1 ½"
Filtering medium (in kg)

ASTRAL VESUBIO 500 dimensions

Included equipment

* Skimmer
* Discharge nozzle
* Main drain
* Brush adaptor
* Trusses
* Filter
* Pump

General schema

Installation schema Fuerteventura polyester shell pool


The greatest care and attention is given to the manufacturing process of pools to guarantee quality and long life.
The gel coat is resistant to UV rays and weather conditions, providing a perfect finish for your pool. Watertight and resistant, the gel coat is easy to clean and it's smooth, glazed aspect can avoid algae development on pool walls.

Application of gel coat
Application of gelcoat
Moulding of polyester shell

Reinforcing trusses being positioned
Installation of supporting trusses
Un moulding of the polyester pool shell
Unmolding the shell

Delivery of shell

To ensure optimal positioning of your pool, here is a step by step guide to installation.

Excavation of pool cavity
Bed of gravel
Layer of gravel

Positioning of polyester shell
Delivery of shell
Backfill polyester shell pool

Concrete belt around pool
Concrete belt to reinforce shell
Coping polyester shell
Positioning of coping

Available colours for pool shells

1- Blue
2- White
3- Light grey
4- Beige
5- Green
6- White blue
7- White green
8- Mottled blue
9- Mottled white

Available options

- Coping
- Balneotherapy
- Bubble cover
- Countercurrent unit
- Projector for pool floor
- Automated salt treatment


10 years on watertightness
2 years on other parts

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