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ASTRAL VRAC BASIC automatic multiway valve

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Astral VRAC BASIC automatic multiway valve 1''1/2 Var.3
Automation of filtering, backwash, rinse, and purge
replaces 6-way valve, with diameter 50 or 63
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Astral VRAC BASIC automatic multiway valve 1''1/2 Var.3
Ref. Abatik 010276 Ref. Provider 43015NEW
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895 €
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Astral VRAC BASIC automatic multiway valve 2'' Var.3
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This range of automatic multiway valves feature an impulsion command keyboard.
They are equipped with a VRAC system which adapts to all ASTRAL filters.

The range of SYSTEM VRAC BASIC valves are available in two lateral standard measurements : 1''1/2 and 2''.

In order to obtain quality pool water, avoid cloudiness and the development of bacteria, the pool filtering system must be used on an adequate everyday basis. Failing this, serious consequences could arise, even resulting in not being able to use the pool. In this case, a total pool purge with heavy chemical treatment may be required.
Providing a regular and automated treatment, the VRAC BASIC from ASTRAL allows you to forget the constraints linked to pool filtering. This avoids debris and dirt remaining present in the pool hydraulic circuit and obstructing your sand filter, guaranteeing perfect water quality.
Filtration is facilitated, you have no need to manipulate your valve.

By simple programming of your digital keyboard, your filtration system is totally automated.


The operational times of filtration are defined by an external timer situated in the pools electrical cabinet. The valve can equally be operated whenever you wish by using the forced-operated mode.

Back wash

If the filter is clogged, the circulation of water becomes more difficult and pressure builds up. When the pressure reaches a limit which is predefined by the user, the backwash will begin automatically via a signal sent from the pressure switch.
You can also program a weekly backwash cycle, even if the pressure level has not been reached.


Is completed automatically after backwash.


Effectuated via a push button positioned on the valve that is confirmed via the electrical cabinet. This avoids an unplanned purge as the button must be held for 3 seconds.

The difference between the SYSTEM VRAC FLAT which is only operational when pressure is detected in the filter and the new model VRAC BASIC which is capable of automation either by detecting pressure change, either by programming.

Advantages of the VRAC BASIC valve


The multiway valve of the VRAC BASIC is easily adapted to all the installation which use a sand filtration system with fast and easy installation.

Users comfort

The choice of cycles to ensure the filtration of your pool (filtration, backwash, rinse...) are totally automated.

Water quality

To obtain water quality for your pool, the filtration system is operational daily, optimising the various filtration cycles so you maintain optimal water flow.


The VRAC BASIC automated valve permanently supervises the filtration system, avoiding problems such as cloudy water, bacteria...

ASTRAL VRAC BASIC automatic multiway valve

1 / Actuator set
2 / Pressure switch
3 / Plate (PPD)
4 / Star gasket (EPDM)
5 / Actuator cover (PC)
6 / Actuator base (ABS)
7 / Valve cover (ABS)
8 / Plate stem O-ring (EPDM)
9 / Spring (Inox)
10 / Body (ABS)
11 / Sight glass (PC)

Composition of automatic valve "System VRAC BASIC"

Power supply - 230/115 VAC.

Water resistant (IP 65)


2 years

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