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8x4m Bubble Cover Alveolar Translucent Gray Prefabricated
EUR 259.00
Pre-cut bubble cover 8x4m
Sold pre-cut and ready to use
Bordered on 4 sides for increased durability
Alveolar technology for better water heating
Translucent gray color for quicker temperature rise
In stock


The bubble cover is designed with new advanced alveolar technology, making it indispensable for increasing and maintaining your pool's temperature while significantly reducing chemical consumption.

This cover is pre-cut for a 8x4m pool and ready to use!

Why choose the alveolar bubble cover by DEL AQUALUX?

With a high quality 500-micron thickness, this pool cover is economical and ecological due to its alveolar technology.

It provides optimal protection against evaporation and debris while improving your pool's energy efficiency.

Its durability and UV resistance make it a reliable investment.

New alveolar technology

Its insulating qualities allow for more than a 7% reduction in heat loss compared to traditional 500-micron Geobubble technology.

These performances are due to significantly reduced thermal bridge areas (-19% compared to Geobubble reference bubbles and -39% compared to classic round bubbles).

Improvement of thermal insulation by reducing thermal bridge areas by 39%

Alveolar technology

Classic round bubble technology

Designed to last
This pre-cut alveolar cover is made of 500-micron polyethylene, known for its robustness and efficiency.

The welded edge finish all around (bordered on 4 sides) ensures increased resistance to elements and time.

The translucent gray color promotes a rapid rise in water temperature, ideal for extending the swimming season.

Why use a bubble cover?
This type of cover limits water evaporation by more than 99% while maintaining the water temperature, reducing energy needs for heating your pool and making it an ideal complement to your heat pump to optimize the desired temperature.

A totally green heating solution
The translucent gray color is designed to maximize solar radiation absorption, transforming your pool into a natural heating system. With more than 80% of solar radiation captured, it provides a free and green heating source!

Limits heat loss from installation
The insulating qualities of this bubble cover minimize heat loss, offering superior efficiency compared to standard models. It also helps keep the water clean by blocking debris and reducing the need for chemicals, thanks to its strong opacity that prevents algae growth.

Optional with this bubble cover

Choose a roller with your alveolar cover. Using a roller to handle the bubble cover prolongs its lifespan by avoiding inappropriate friction.

This roller is mobile with a telescopic aluminum axis to adapt to the cover's size.

Equipped with a brake, once installed across your pool's width, activate the brake for comfortable use.

This cover also comes in an opaque version to combat algae
This pre-cut cover is also available in Blue/Gray opaque to act on photosynthesis and algae development while heating the pool water.

ModelBlue/Gray opaqueTranslucent Gray
Action on water temperatureXXXXX
Action on thermal dispersionXXXXXX
Action on photosynthesis (algae)XXXXX

Precautions for using your bubble cover
It is imperative to strictly follow all these recommendations to benefit from the warranties.

Place the bubble side directly in contact with the water surface, so the smooth side is visible.


To preserve the longevity of your bubble cover, it must be removed when:
- The temperature reaches 30°C.
- You perform a shock chlorination and for the following 48 hours (chlorine content must not exceed 1 PPM).

After removing the cover (using a roller is strongly recommended):
- It must be protected from sunlight with a protective cover.
- If you do not have a roller, it is advisable to fold it several times or roll it for storage under the cover.

Never leave the bubble cover on the pool in winter:
- Rinse with clean water, then dry for storage protected from frost and light.

Dimensional stability:
Due to temperature variations, the bubble cover dimensions may vary, so a margin of 1% to 2% is considered in length and width during manufacture. Thus, the finished dimensions of your cover may be slightly different from your pool.

The warranty for a defective product applies after the product is returned to the manufacturer's workshops for analysis and verification of issues. Transport costs for returning a product are excluded from the warranty. Products damaged during transport are not covered by the warranty; the customer must make reservations or refuse the package upon receipt. The manufacturer reserves the right to decide on the repair or replacement of a product.


Non-compliance with installation and use advice leading to abnormal wear of the product.
Any modification of the cover without the manufacturer's written consent.
Deteriorations due to cleaning with a product other than the recommended one.
Damage resulting from weather conditions: strong winds, snowfall, severe hail, storms (lightning).
Wear due to abnormal friction, abrasive or highly convex edges causing level shifts.
Wear from friction, snags, tears, deterioration due to inadequate water treatment, as well as color retention are not covered by the warranty.


4 decreasing summer seasons

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