New Energy Guard Geobubble

Solar blanket for swimming pool New Energy guard geobubble
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Ref. Abatik 022110
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New Energy Guard GeoBubble 500 microns Eco pool cover
Hybrid cover : translucid outer side, opaque inner side,
Increases water temperature,
Limits algae development and intrusive debris,
Reduces filtering time and time consecrated to cleaning,
Reduced chemical water treatment use.
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New Energy Guard GeoBubble 500 microns Eco pool cover
Ref. Abatik 022110 Ref. Provider BUDUONB/SO
EUR 7.90
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7.90 €
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New Energy Guard GeoBubble 500 microns Duo pool cover
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New Energy Guard 500 GeoBubble microns Quattro pool cover
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Compatible pool shapes

Compatible pool shapes
The EnergyGuard has the capacity to adapt to all pool shapes. Our prices match a pool cover for a standard shaped pool, be it oval, rectangular or round (a).
For pools with a particular shape, lazy, kidney, polygonal, trapeze, 8 shaped, cut angle, or free form (b) as well as dimensions of pools lesser than 10m² anticipate an increase of 25%.

Stair cut : 41.00 €
Ladder cut : 41.00€

New Energy Guard GeoBubble: The innovation of selective transmission is at your pools service

Using a unique conception, the New Energy Guard GeoBubble pool cover is hybrid, constituting simultaneously a translucid outer surface (1) and an inner opaque surface (2).

This composition works on the principle of selective transmission:
The translucid surface of the cover captures solar energy and by conduction sends the calories to the pool water. The opaque surface blocks the passage of light, therefore, photosynthesis and algae proliferation.
Translucide and opaque layers of pool cover

New Energy Guard thermal pool covers benefit from GeoBubble™ technology:

Traditional bubble covers : By their shape, traditional bubble covers (1) are subject to degradation from chemical treatment products (a). Sharp angles constitute fragile zones (b) reducing their life span. Furthermore, their small size limits air dilatation (c).

New EnergyGuard Geobubble pool covers : With their new shape and equal thickness (A), the GeoBubble (2) bubble is more resistant to chemical products (B) and ultra-violet rays (C) responsible for premature degradation.
The deep implantation of the bubble (D) is reinforced with a double layer of material (E) allowing the GeoBubble bubble to resist to air dilatation.

Geobubble technology

Advantages of the EnergyGuard bubble pool cover

The New EnergyGuard bubble pool cover is the ideal solution and the most economical way to fully enjoy your pool season and limit maintenance out of season:
Schema New Energy Guard

Decreases contamination by debris*

Debris such as leaves, dust and insects are not only visually disagreeable but also promotes the development of algae and bacteria.

When the pool is covered, the debris stays out of the water and improves the quality and appearance of water.

Reduction of chemical water treatment products*

The New EnergyGuard pool cover is constituted of two layers: a translucid outside surface and an inside surface tinted midnight blue.

This blocks the light and stops its penetration into the water, stopping photosynthesis, therefore, stopping algae development.
The pH stabilisers that you use in your pool are altered by sun rays, this is the phenomenon of photolyase which can be responsible for algae development.

Sunlight is the main factor for the consumption of water treatment products.

Blocking sunlight using opacity, the New EnergyGuard pool cover stops both photolyase and photosynthesis, reducing the use of chemical treatment products up to 60%.

The New EnergyGuard pool cover equally allows you to lower your energy consumption as the filtration time is reduced.

The increase of water temperature via solar energy*

The translucid upper surface and the midnight blue lower surface cover both capture energy that is provided by sun rays, heating pool water, but also keeps the already accumulated temperature in the pool water.

You can gain several degrees using non-polluting, free power.

Reducing evaporation of pool water*

New EnergyGuard pool cover eliminates more than 98% of water evaporation in your pool, reducing your water consumption.

More than 50% reduction in energy consumption *

The New EnergyGuard pool cover allows you to reduce the cost of heating your pool.

Heat retention tests carried out by the manufacturer show the use of the New EnergyGuard pool cover can let you economise on energy savings close to 50% of all pool owners who use a heating system for their pool (solar systems excluded).

The New EnergyGuard pool cover is an ideal complement for all heating systems.

*Manufacturers testing, results on the condition that pool cover was put into place and used
Stops algae development

Stops algae development

Gains solar energy

Spacer20Gain in solar energy

Eliminates water evaporation

Spacer20Spacer20Eliminates more than 98% of water evaporation

Retains heat

Spacer20Retains heat

Our made to measure thermal pool covers - several models available

Un-hemed ECO model

The most economic solution

This model features a clean cut finish, un-hemmed without a border.

Made from "honeycomb" polyethylene with anti-UV treatment.

Fixation rings dispatched widthways on the cover (8 max).

Each pool cover is thermo-soldered, made to measure at the manufacturer's workshop.

Not supplied with protective cover.

Guarantee : 1 summer season.

DUO model - double reinforcement

Excellent value for money

Made from "honeycomb" polyethylene with anti-UV treatment.

Reinforced by polyethylene hemmed borders sewn on two lengths.

Fixation rings at each angle, + on the same side of the storage reel, positioned at 70 to 80cm intervals depending on the width of the pool.
The DUO model is supplied with a protection cover complete with two bungee fixations.

Guarantee : 4 digressive summer seasons.

QUATRO - 4 reinforcements

Totally reinforced

Made from "honeycomb" polyethylene with anti-UV treatment

Totally reinforced by polyethylene hemmed borders sewn on the four sides of the cover with fixation rings at each angle + on the same side of the storage reel, positioned at 70 to 80cm intervals depending on the width of the pool.

The Quattro model is supplied with a protection cover complete with two bungee fixations.

Guarantee: 4 digressive summer seasons.

Eco model
Duo model
Quatro model

Precautions to follow when using your bubble pool cover

It is imperative to rigorously follow all the below recommendations to benefit from the guarantee.

Installation instructions

The bubble side of the pool cover must be in contact with pool water, the smooth side must be visible.

Maintainance advice

To preserve the lifespan of your bubble pool cover, it is imperative to remove it when:
- The ambient temperature reaches 30°C.
- During a chlorine shock water treatment for your pool and during the following 48h. (The chlorine content of your pool water must not exceed 1PPM).

When you remove your cover from your pool (the use of a reel is strongly recommended):
- You MUST protect your pool cover from sun rays with a protective cover.
- If you do not have a pool cover storage reel it is recommended to fold the pool cover several times or roll to store under a protective cover.

Expansion and contraction:
- Because of variable ambient temperatures, the dimensions of the pool cover can vary. This is the reason why a safety margin of 1% to 2% is calculated during conception.
So, you may find the dimensions of your pool cover may be slightly different from those of your pool.


- The guarantee of a defective product is applied after analyse and verification by the manufacturer following the return of the product.
- Transportation costs to return the product to the manufacturer are not covered by the guarantee.
- Products which are damaged during transport are not covered by the guarantee. It is the client's responsibility to check the material on reception and formally note any abnormalities with the transporter or refuse the merchandise.
- The manufacturer reserves the right to decide if a product should be repaired or replaced.


- The non-respect of the installation and user instructions of the pool cover resulting in abnormal degradation of the material.
- All modification of the pool cover other than those given by the written consent of the manufacturer.
- Deterioration due to the use of cleaning products other than those recommended.
- Consecutive deterioration due to meteorological conditions: violent winds, snowfall, heavy hail, lightening strikes.
- Deterioration due to abnormal rubbing, abrasive pool borders or concaved pool borders that present an uneven water surface.
Deterioration due to rubbing, snagging, tearing, unadapted water treatment and the covers colour stability is equally excluded from the guarantee.

On option : IPIKA telescopic reel

To simplify rolling and unrolling your cover, you can choose the IPIKA telepscopic reel.

Supplied with 8 belts to attach your thermal cover, manoeuvring wheel and handle, enabling easy movement and storage of the reel.

There are three existing models, depending on your pool dimensions:
- pool measuring 10 x 5.50 m maximum
- pool measuring 12 x 6,40 m maximum
- pool measuring 16 x 8 m maximum
Ipika pool reel


1summer season for ECO model.
4 digressive summer seasons for DUO and QUATRO models.

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